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All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


Ozzie Fitzgerald Tracy

Adopted April 2, 2009 (Dachshund Rescue of Houston)
Rainbow Bridge April 18, 2024

Our sweetest, most precious, beloved Ozzie Fitzgerald Tracy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday afternoon, April 18. I know he is having fun swimming and exploring and checking out new adventures. Our hearts are crushed as we grieve his loss and will never mend. Ozzie will forever be our little red dapple doxie boy.

Ozzie loved meeting everyone wherever we went and everyone loved him in return. He was so affectionate and never met a stranger.

Ozzie was the biggest cuddler with chunky puppy paws and the most adorable big ears. Although, Trae, Allison and I are so heartbroken, our hearts are filled with gratitude for all the love and joy he brought to our family, and we are forever thankful to be blessed with the 16 amazing years we had together.

Ozzie is loved beyond measure and missed so very deeply. The house just isn’t the same without him. As difficult as it is, we know it’s not goodbye forever…it’s until we see you again our sweetest boy.

Ozzie was adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston on Valentine’s Day of 2009 and it has been the sweetest love story ever since.

Special thanks to Dr. Cyndi Estrade for doing the most heartfelt thing in adopting a new dog for herself last week in Ozzie’s memory.

To know Ozzie truly was to love him.

We’ll love you forever…to the moon and back…and we’ll miss you terribly until we all meet again our little chunk. ❤️❤️❤️

Melody Stryker

Adopted December 22, 2011 (Dachshund Rescue of Houston
Rainbow Bridge March 7, 2024

Melody went over the Rainbow 🌈 bridge today. She had a rough night so I took her to my vet and they said she was in a decline. I made the difficult decision to let her pass. She was my first adoption and a terrific dog. ❤️🌈

Audrey Rose Dexter

Rainbow Bridge February 26, 2024

I have some sad news. I had to put our dear Audrey Rose to sleep. She was the absolute love of my life. She had medical issues which were consistently addressed, but they piled up on her and we had to consider her quality of life. I held her (and cried my heart out) as she was peacefully put to sleep.

Fanta Gill

Adopted July 30, 2011 (Dachshund Rescue of Houston)
Rainbow Bridge January 25, 2024

I just wanted to let you know Fanta crossed the rainbow bridge on January 25th. My heart is so broken. Thank you for sharing her with me. We had 12 great years together. The day before she passed, we found out she had cancer. I brought her home not knowing she was leaving that night, but my daughter and I were with her. I’m thankful she didn’t have to suffer, but I miss her so much!

Bruni Lavigne

Adopted Dec. 19, 2009 (Dachshund Rescue of Houston)
Rainbow Bridge January 24, 2024

We lost our beautiful Bruni girl in the early morning hours of January 24, 2024. It was quite sudden and has left us devastated as we are still mourning the loss of Cinnie just four months earlier! For a sixteen-year-old, Bruni had seemed to be healthy but out of the blue she had a problem, and we rushed her to Gulf Coast where we left her for testing. I was called at midnight to be told she probably wouldn’t make it through the night! I drove there and talked to the clinic vet while holding her … we determined the best course was to let our little girl go so I for continued holding her for a while and talked with our Bruni telling her how much we loved her. Then the vet gently gave her meds to let her pass over the Rainbow Bridge.

We adopted Bruni from Dachshund Rescue of Houston fourteen years ago and for the first time in my life I had a pup that preferred someone other than me. It was quite humbling! Bruni was a Daddy’s Girl through and through … she would come curl up with me when Daddy wasn’t available, but I knew where she would prefer to be. Suzanne brought her over for a Meet & Greet with Simon our little male doxy who was very picky about who he would allow to share his home. After Simon approved of Bruni and arrangements made for Bruni to become a member of our family, Suzanne and Mike were leaving, and Bruni went tearing out the front door … Simon may have approved of Bruni, but Bruni wasn’t letting Suzanne and Mike leave without her! Suzanne then went tearing after Bruni and fell, hitting cement which ultimately left her with a black eye! Quite a beginning. After they left, I spent a little time with Bruni but had to go shopping since it was Christmas, so Jack spent the next few hours holding Bruni in his lap consoling her … creating Daddy’s Girl.

Bruni was such a special girl … she and Simon became best friends and when he became an elder statesman at 18, she was so gentle and would cuddle and console him. She was our Energizer Bunny and later when it was Bruni and Cinnie (about the same size), we would feed Bruni about a third more food than Cinnie to make up for the increased activity. She LOVED trapsing around in my garden, seeking out geckos and on more than one occasion brought us a small snake, usually not alive. 😊

Her other love was squeaky toys!!! She delighted in them, and nothing would make her happier than when I came home with a new squeaky. Bruni’s toy box was filled with toys from different seasons or just ones I thought she would love. There is a Mickey that is almost as long as she was that she would drag through the house. It was such fun when she got a new squeaky to watch her figuring out where the magic sound spots were, but once she found them, be ready. In the evening, we lie in bed and watch a TV show, and she would always have a squeaky with her. Often, she would get up, and down the ramp she would go … you could hear her searching through the toy box for just the right replacement and then back she would come happy as could be.

As Bruni became a senior citizen, she was quite demanding, and quite vocal, about everything, and it was our job to figure out what she wanted. Usually, it was to go outside. However, the time periods for staying outside became shorter, but the requests were quite often making us her private doormen. She was still our energizer bunny, but the batteries were wearing down.

Bruni’s inner clock would inevitably bring her to me, loudly letting me know it was 9:00, time for the “tooth treat” or 5:00, dinner time, sometimes maybe just a little early. She might choose to look around the doorway using the “aren’t I cute” trick or if she and Cinnie ganged up on me jumping all over and around (which was often), I had no other choice but to give in.

We miss both our girls so much and cannot believe that Bruni Girl left us so suddenly. We miss you Baby Girl. Have some cuddles with Cinnie, Simon and also Samantha who was with us for such a short time.

All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


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