"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt
"When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true."
Jiminy Cricket

"There's no place like home."
Dorothy Gale
Home "Dreams are the touchstones of our character."
Henry David Thoreau

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."
Carl Sandburg
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney

News and Notes from DREAMers

Tilly Lew's Summer Adventure
From Pat Meisler
May 30, 2014

Tilly would like to update everyone on what she's been up to. She has gone to daycare several times at Bayside Bed and Biscuit for the camaraderie of other dogs, but prefers human interaction. All day is too much for her so when she goes it's for the morning so she can come home and nap for evening play time. Tilly earned frequent flyer miles on Southwest traveling to the family farm in Northern Ohio. She met Grandma and Pappa Lewie (they're both 89 years young), the kids, the grandkids, and Roxie the Doxie (the grand-dog). Tilly loved the new smells on the farm, walking down the lane, and even chased a chipmunk in the flower bed, then had to check for it every time she went outside.

We found out our 5pm return flight was delayed until 12:20am due to a fire at the Chicago control tower and had to re-book to the following day. The airline decided to load my luggage on a HOU flight but didn't know which one, so we had very little (fortunately I had dog food in my computer bag). Due to severe storms the previous day there weren't any rental cars available and it took over 2 hours to find a hotel with vacancy that accepted pets. Tilly did great in the hotel and was very patient with the 2-hour flight delay.

Now that we're back home Tilly has taken up interior decorating with pillows and paper artwork. We have photos to share that will display her new talents.

Maggie's Awesome Vacation
From Sandra and Karl Goldapp
May 9, 2014

We had a great vacation with the girls. Maggie's skin allergies flared up being in the woods but she loved all the walking and seeing new places. We had some anxiety the first two days as everything was so strange. After that she was raring to go. Maggie was so funny. At night, she would sleep in Karl's twin bed but had to come check that I was still there before going to sleep. She loved meeting new people and especially loved children.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

From Caroline Isemann
January 8, 2014

I'm so sorry to read about little Christopher passing away. It just breaks my heart. I still have moments where I get really sad about Maizy. She was only with me a week and really left such a huge impact. She was such a special little girl and maybe she and Christopher are playing together now.

I also just had to say that I check your website from time to time to see what dogs get adopted and what new dogs you rescue, and Ava Garland is just the spitting image of April - the dachshund that my mom and I rescued when I was in middle school. Her pups are adorable too. Hope they all find good homes!

P.S. Harper sends her best as well.

Bruni the Beautiful Brat
From Barbara LaVigne
January 2, 2014

This Christmas (December 19th) was four years since we adopted Bruni the Beautiful Brat ...and she lived up to the Brat portion of her name this Christmas more than ever. We had many conversations regarding what was mine and what was hers. When Jack and I were opening our gifts Christmas Eve we looked up and she was walking around on the coffee table!!!

When we leave we put them in my office. We close one door and put up pet gates between my office and the kitchen; we have to stack two gates because she will jump one. She is good though and knows when I begin arranging their area that it is time to go in there and goes without being told. Christmas Day Jack had let Simon out and was getting the area ready. He had put one of the gates up and was going to lift her over, but she saw him preparing the area so she jumped INTO the space! What a little goofball. She's so good for Simon ...makes him play a couple of times a day and at 15 1/2, I know that keeps him healthier than if he were an only dog just lying around. How does anyone live without our little puppy dog companions???

Jaxon finds his Family
From Barbara LaVigne
December 28, 2013

I found a mini-schnauzer loose running up my street toward Westheimer around 5:30 p.m. on December 23rd and picked him up. He had collar and tags and I was able to get him to my vet before they closed. Sure enough, he had a chip, but the phone number the chip company gave me wasn't working. We kept him overnight and since we now had his name and his owner's name, we were told we could contact animal control to get the address.

Our neighborhood has someone who does email blasts for things that happen around the neighborhood, including lost and found pets. The next morning there was a notice regarding "Jaxon" and we were able to get him home on Christmas Eve. The chip company had given us a telephone number that was one digit off. Turned out it was a family with a little four-year old boy who had cried all night because his best friend was missing so we were especially happy to have been able to get everybody back together. The dad and little boy rang our doorbell on Christmas morning with a thank you note, and the little boy wanted to personally thank us for finding his best friend.

A wonderful successful rescue story that made our Christmas!!! Hope you and your crew had a good Holiday.

Harper Visits Santa Claws at PetSmart
From Caroline Isemann
December 20, 2013

Got yall's sweet postcard in the mail. Good luck on finding those sweet pups a home for Christmas. We're loving our little girl. Sharing a few of her Santa Claws pics. Merry Christmas!


Winkie Visits Santa at PetCo
From Bonnie Crossland
December 16, 2013

Winkie was a character at Petco and the pet store in Old Spring. At Petco, Winkie practiced his barking skills. It is clear Winkie does not like to share the limelight. Winkie was 4th in line to get his photo with Santa. When everyone cooed at the other dogs getting their photos with Santa, Winkie barked to say look at me, I am the cutest. Finally it was his time to get his photo with Santa and Winkie was going to make sure Santa remembered him. I wished I had filmed it. The picture of Winkie kissing Santa does not do justice the exuberant energy Winkie displayed towards Santa. Santa was unmasked several times and he had to repeatedly clean his glasses. The photographer was laughing so hard and Winkie was wiggling so much, I suprised the pictures came out. I am amazed the photographer got a picture of Winkie looking right into the camera as he held that pose for less than a 1 milisecond.

At the store in Old Spring, Winkie did not bark all all, mostly because there were no other dogs to fawn over. Also Winkie wanted to explore, after all any place that puts kibble out on the front porch is worth getting to know better. After getting his photo with Santa and Comet (no wiggling as Santa had a vise grip on him), Winkie had time to further explore the store as we waited for the photo to be printed. There must have been something very yummy under a small cabinet because Winkie dug in and it was almost impossible to get him out. The owner enticed him with out with a treat. Winkie took the treat and dove back under the cabinet. When the picture was done, I bought a few treats for the ride home and dragged Winkie out of there. Winkie did take another swipe of the kibble as I dragged him down the steps, not believing me when I told him it was for all dogs not just him. Winkie was mostly quiet on the way home until the treats were gone.

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