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P.O. Box 591819
Houston, Texas 77259


We do not own or operate an animal shelter. All of our dogs are in foster care in the greater Houston area. If you are interested in meeting one of the dogs to adopt or foster, please fill out a Foster or Adoption application.

If you have found a stray who appears to be someone's pet, please attempt to locate the owner first by calling numbers on their tags, posting "Found" flyers, having the dog scanned for a microchip (most vets will do this for free), and looking around your neighborhood for "Lost" posters. You should also contact the animal shelters in your area to make sure no one has reported a missing dog like the one you found. Please contact us only after you have made a sincere attempt to locate the dog's owner. Please don't try to find the dog a new home on Craig's List or Facebook because there are people who will take animals (especially free ones) for uses other than as pets.

If you have found an abandoned, abused or neglected dachshund OR you are asking us to take your own dachshund, please email us at contact-us@DreamDachs.org. Make sure you include your name, location, phone number, description of the dog (age, color, weight, spay/neuter status, etc.) and photos of the dog.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible homes for our rescued Dachshunds, home visits are a crucial part of the adoption process. We prefer that you live in the greater Houston area, but if you don't, we will consider your application under certain circumstances. If you live more than 2 hours from Houston, you will need to provide photos of your home and yard (or be able to Skype with us), and you must be willing to travel to Houston to meet our dogs.

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If you have problems using this form, or you would like to attach photos,
please email us at contact-us@DreamDachs.org

PO BOX 591819 HOUSTON TX 77259
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