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Intake Request

Please take the time to fill out the form completely.

If you have found a stray who appears to be someone's pet, please attempt to locate the owner first by calling numbers on their tags, posting "Found" flyers, having the dog scanned for a microchip (most vets will do this for free), and looking around your neighborhood for "Lost" posters. You should also contact the animal shelters in your area to make sure no one has reported a missing dog like the one you found. Please complete this form only after you have made a sincere attempt to locate the dog's owner. Please don't try to find the dog a new home on Craig's List or Facebook because there are people who will take animals (especially free ones) for uses other than as pets.

Please do not use this form for dogs currently in a shelter.

** PLEASE NOTE** Due to limited space, we are usually unable to admit dogs immediately. If your request is accepted, your dog(s) will be put on a waiting list until foster space is available.

Owner / Finder Information

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We are located in Houston, Texas. Are you able to deliver the dog(s) to us? If not, please explain.

Dog Information

Please describe the dog(s) you are asking DREAM to take.
Dog's Name Age Description
(color, coat)
Weight Gender Spayed or
Current on
Current on
M F Yes No Yes No Yes No
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M F Yes No Yes No Yes No
M F Yes No Yes No Yes No
M F Yes No Yes No Yes No
M F Yes No Yes No Yes No
M F Yes No Yes No Yes No
M F Yes No Yes No Yes No

Veterinarian Information

Please list names and phone numbers of veterinarians who have seen the dog(s) listed above.
Vet or Clinic Name Number Dogs seen by this Vet

How long have you had the dog(s)?

If they belong to you, how did you acquire the dog(s), and how old were they at that time?

If they belong to you, why do you need to give them up?

If you're submitting this request on behalf of the dog's owner, please provide their name and address.

If rehoming is needed due to the death of their owner, did the owner name a guardian for their pet(s) in their will?

If they belong to a relative, why aren't you or another family member able to keep their pet(s)?

If they are not yours, WHERE and WHEN did you find them? Please provide address or major cross-streets.

If they are not yours, what have you done to try to locate their owner (i.e. flyers, social media, scanned for microchip)?

How well house-trained are they? Any problems with incontinence or submissive peeing?

Please list all known medical issues (i.e. back problems, previous surgeries, dental or skin issues, vaccine reactions).

Please list all known behavioral issues (i.e. fear, aggression, separation anxiety, excessive barking, strong prey drive).

Have they ever bitten another dog? Please explain.

Have they ever bitten a human? Please explain.

Do they get along with other dogs?

Are they good with children?

Please list other information about their personality that would be helpful to new owners.

Are you able to keep the dog(s) until they are adopted? Yes No

If you are unable to keep the dog(s) until they are adopted, how soon would you need us to take them?

Are you able to make a donation toward their care? Yes No    If so, how much?

If you are unable to make a donation toward their care, please explain why.

If we cannot admit your dog(s), would you like us to Courtesy Post and let potential adopters contact you directly?
Yes No

Please add anything else you think would be helpful in evaluating your request.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our Intake Request form.

We will send you a confirmation email after your request is submitted.

Please send photos of the dog(s) you're asking us to take to

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if you do not receive a confirmation email from us.

~ Submission of your request does not guarantee your dog(s) will be admitted. ~

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