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Lost Pet Ownership Claim

Please take the time to fill out the form completely.

Please complete this form if you think DREAM is in possession your Lost Pet(s). You must complete ALL information on this form and provide proof of legal ownership before we will investigate your claim.

Proof of Legal Ownership

We will ask you to provide documentation with YOUR name on it. Examples include:

  • Adoption Application or Sales Contract: If you didn’t save the paperwork, contact the rescue, shelter, or breeder for a copy, or look for a canceled check or credit card statement showing you paid the adoption fee or purchase price.

  • Veterinary Records: Obtain medical records from your veterinarian’s office. Demonstrate that you've been financially responsible for your dog’s care by providing cash receipts, credit card statements and canceled checks.

  • City or County Licensing: Most cities and counties require that you license your dog annually. If you can't find a copy, contact the department you went through to get the license.

  • Microchip: If your dog is microchipped, locate the paperwork or call the manufacturer’s registry for the records.

  • Your Information

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    Lost Pet Information

    Please describe your Lost Pet(s).
    Pet Name Detailed Description
    (breed, color, coat type, weight)
    Age Gender Spayed or
    M F Yes No
    M F Yes No
    M F Yes No

    Veterinarian Information

    Please list the veterinarians who have examined, treated or boarded your Lost Pets(s).
    Vet or Clinic Name Number Pets Seen By This Vet Services Provided


    Are you the owner of the Lost Pet(s)? Yes No

    How did you acquire them, how old were they when you got them, and how long have you had them?

    When did you first notice they were missing? Please provide exact date if possible.

    Were they living with you at the time they were lost? Yes No

    If they were staying with someone else, please provide their full name, address and phone number.

    Please describe where they were lost. Provide address and/or major cross streets if possible.

    How did they go missing (i.e. ran out front door, escaped through hole in fence, gate was left open)?

    Were they wearing any identification (collar, tags) at the time they went missing? Yes No

    Describe any distinquishing characteristic of your Lost Pet(s), i.e. scars, tattoos, unusual markings.

    Describe your efforts to locate your Lost Pet(s).

    Please list other information that might helpful in evaluating your claim.


    By submitting this LOST PET OWNERSHIP CLAIM form, I CERTIFY that the answers I have provided are true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the information I provide is intended for the best interests of the animals in the possession and control of the DREAM organization. I further understand that, in accordance with its mission and goals, DREAM will use the information I have provided in this form and in any other communications I have made to DREAM, its volunteers and representatives, relating to Lost Pet(s) or relating to myself, in order for DREAM to confirm my information or claim by contacting any and all of the following:

  • Law Enforcement in the City and County in which I reside and in the area where the pet(s) was/were found

  • The Animal Control regulators in the City and County in which I reside and in the area where the pet(s) was/were found

  • The Veterinarian(s) who have been identified by me as having examined, treated or boarded my pet(s)

  • Any persons who have been identified by me as having knowledge of the circumstances related to the loss of my pet(s)

  • Any organization, government entity, or person that DREAM deems necessary to investigate my claim of ownership

  • I further understand that in accordance with the statutes, ordinances and laws of the jurisdiction, DREAM may require full reimbursement from me for all veterinary care, including spaying and neutering, which DREAM has obtained for Lost Pet(s) as a result of its rescue efforts, in compliance with its mission, goals and policies for the care of lost, found, abandoned, relinquished, neglected and/or abused animals. Based on all of the above, I agree to all terms set forth in this LOST PET OWNERSHIP CLAIM form and am providing the information requested subject to these terms.

    Electronic Signature (please enter your full legal name):

    Please enter the word DREAM in this box:

    Please respond to our confirmation email with documentation supporting your claim.

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