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All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


Franklin Jones

Rainbow Bridge December 4, 2020

My heart is broken tonight, as I had to say farewell to my sweet crooked headed Frank as he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. He brought so much love and happiness to my life over the past 10+ years since we adopted him when he was 3. Our eternal gratitude to Denise Hughes Wardall for helping his transition to the other side be as smooth as possible. Run pain free my sweet Franklin Oscar Meyer! You may be gone, but you will never, ever be forgotten sweet boy.

SweetPea Eby

Adopted October 29, 2012 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge November 29, 2020

I am writing this post with a heavy heart, a broken heavy heart. My precious fur baby, my foster failure from 2012, our beloved SweetPea girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Bill and I loved that dog soooooo much. The minute we brought her home she let Roxie know that SHE was the alpha dog in the family. Always first out the back door, always claimed her spot on my chest, she would just nuzzle Roxie out of the way. Our little 9 pound tough baby!

I had known for awhile she was going down hill, but the last two days were bad. I prayed she would pass in my arms here at the house but that was not the case. We took her to the vet to help her cross over peacefully with my arms around her and Bill right next to her. I tried to be brave, but I couldn't. I was bawling my eyes out uncontrollably.

I miss her SO much and find myself talking to her out loud. My son Michael came over and helped to dig her little grave in the backyard. I held her limp little paw on the ride back to the house. I truly was NOT ready to say goodbye. She was so loving, so sweet and always by my side especially when I was sick. We never knew her exact age but we believe she was at least 14 or 15 years old. I know she was happy here and felt oh so loved. Even though this pain is unbearable right now, I'm so glad she was my foster failure. I just can't imagine my life without her. I think Roxie misses her little sister too.

Thank you for all your past and present prayers for my SweetPea. The tears still flow. Run free baby girl and catch those squirrels. I will see you again one day.on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Our hearts go out to Debbie and her family for the loss of their little SweetPea.

Hans Pochron

Adopted August 26, 2009 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge November 19, 2020

Belle Matalon

Adopted June 28, 2009
Rainbow Bridge October 13, 2020

Sweet little Belle was adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston in 2009. She was a wonderful companion to her "brother" Mikey, who was also adopted from DRoH. Belle's foster, Suzanne, who now volunteers for DREAM, remembers this sweet little girl. Rest in peace, Belle. You are very much loved and missed.

Our hearts go out to the Matalon family for the loss of their precious girl, Belle.

Kellie Wasson

Adopted April 20, 2008 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge July 9, 2020

Yesterday I said goodbye to my precious Kellie. the cancer had gotten too bad for her little body to handle. I am going to miss my baby girl.

Comet Crossland

Rainbow Bridge April 16, 2020

IN MEMORY OF COMET (2003 - 2020). My baby girl crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. She put up a valiant fight but her body was too tired. Anyone who knew Comet, knew how much of a fighter she was. She had strong opinions of who she liked (very few) and disliked (many). In 2006, she came into my life when she made it very clear to her former owners that the new human baby was an unwelcomed addition and had to go. Comet was never a dog big on hugs, being carried, snuggling, receiving kisses or giving kisses. She excelled at begging and showing other dogs who was queen bee. She set high standards for herself - never destroyed anything, would be embarrassed if she got sick and insisted on doing her business outside whenever possible, even in her last hours. I am blessed that she allowed me to be her mom and that she gave me the time to say good-bye. My heart is broken and tomorrow morning I will be lost without her waking me up at 5 am.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Bonnie for the loss of her precious little Comet.

Maisy Spring

Rainbow Bridge April 9, 2020

RIP Maisy Mae, my sweet diva girl who would have been 16 in May. Very independent and demanding, she was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Our hearts go out to Judy for the loss of her sweet Maisy.

Maxine Fisher

Adopted February 19, 2008 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge February 18, 2020

My sweet, gentle girl, was always perched on the back of the couch, napping but alert. She was the quiet peacekeeper of the pack, the bark of reason.

Precious Goyette

Adopted November 3, 2016
Rainbow Bridge January 17, 2020

Sad news. Precious passed away this evening in her Aunt Kristen's arms. We asked Kristen to check on her while we were at the Royal wedding and we couldn't see her on the nanny cam. We decided she needed oxygen and asked Kristen to meet us at MedVet. She passed away as soon as Kristen got her in the car. I am so sad. I thought she would live forever with all her pain in the butt quirks. I am thankful she wasn't alone. So sorry Kristen you had to go through this.

Sometime in October 2016, Stephanie Gemmolva Ganucheau tagged me in a Craigslist post for a person rehoming two of his three dachshunds. I messaged him and he had already rehomed one but not the other. The other was Precious. She didn't look good in the photo and I asked why she was so heavy and he said it was from breeding her. Well my thought was she would have to still be pregnant to be THAT heavy. So I asked him to surrender her to JPAS because (1) I didn't want to meet him and (2) I wanted it to be legal so if I rescued her, her could never take her back.

Dr. Wisdom immediately saw her and said she had Cushing's. Well I didn't know what that was but it wasn't something the shelter could fix but it was treatable. So I brought her home November 3rd after her spay and started her fundraisers. I brought her to SAF to see Dr. Lamarsh to get the process started. She was 34lbs at the time and missing all of her hair. The previous owner left her outside because she would pee in the house so much. It was because of the Cushing's. He never brought her to the vet. I think she was 10 years old and still not spayed so kind of a jerk owner.

So after many tests to figure out the right dosage of meds, two surgeries to remove 10 mammary tumors and pull teeth, about a year later she was looking good. Her hair filled in. She was down to 17lbs. She walked funny because of being so over weight and her body was deformed.

Looking through so many photos since last night, I am glad my phone is always full of photos because it reminds me of all my dogs and how quirky they really are. She is the 3rd senior we have lost in a little over a year and 8th dog Tim and I have said goodbye to in our 12 years together. I know seniors are my favorite and I know they won't be with us long but I am so glad I gave them all the best ending of their lives.

Precious was spoiled, got so many toys during her first year and that girl would snuggle with any dog. She woke us up early with low cries at 6am for food. She would bark in the morning if you forgot her meds. She knew the sound of the pill pocket bag she would run for that but nothing else. She had so much personality and I am so glad we had 3 amazing years together. Thank you to her Godmother for all of her care the last 3 years and to the many who donated to her fundraisers in the beginning to get this girl healthy. It takes a village! And thank you Aunt Kristen for coming here last night to check on her so she didn't die alone. I am forever grateful for Aunt Kristen for helping me with our too many dogs.

Any donations made in Precious' name to DREAM Dachshund Rescue would make my heart so happy. Taking in the severely neglected dachshunds is rough, but the love they give is endless.

M-Aggie Roo Wasson

Adopted May 26, 2007 (DRoH "Julie")
Rainbow Bridge January 13 2020

I had to say good bye to MAggie today. She was a faithful companion for nearly 13 years. Her health had significantly decreased since Thanksgiving and the doctor last week told me that her kidneys are starting to shut down. She will definitely be missed.

All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


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