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All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


Dakota Bingle
Rainbow Bridge 12/9/14

I just lost a big piece of my heart. Rest in peace my dear sweet "Dakota Wota". Life will never be the same without you.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Shelly for the loss of her sweet Dakota.

Miller Schoppe
Adopted 11/28/01, Rainbow Bridge 12/7/14

Miller came to live with us on November 28, 2001. The holiday weekend was known as "Millermas" ever after. The DH (Dear Husband) arranged to adopt him through dachshund rescue and surprised me with him. He was my first rescue dog. Miller was the sweetest dog ever and always a challenge. Known as the "Flying Dachshund" from his propensity to leap on and over things, just keeping his feet on the ground was often a full time job. One time, I was having people to my house for a Christmas luncheon. I had the table set the night before and everything ready. When I was checking the table the next day, some of the silverware was moved around and the centerpiece had been messed with. My Miller had decided to inspect my work! I fixed things and never told the attendees that he got up there! Miller made life very interesting! He was my clown, my little shadow and my snuggle boy. I miss him terribly.

The volunteers at DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to the Schoppe family for the loss of their beloved Miller.

Ducky Owen
Adopted 10/31/05, Rainbow Bridge 11/9/14

Ducky came to us as a timid soul after we had lost one of our girl Dachshunds. His foster Mom said he had been picked up by the pound after living on the street. He was shy and wouldn't even make eye contact with us but he was a typical doxie and a very good eater! He and our surviving girl, Jelly got along okay but were never that close. Jelly lived two more years. After losing her, Ducky warmed up to us and settled in and turned into a loving and affectionate boy. We adopted Daffy from Dachshund Rescue of Houston in October, 2007 after losing Jelly and they became best of friends.

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Ken and Julie for the loss of their sweet boy.

Violet Maxwell
Adopted 7/25/13, Rainbow Bridge 10/13/14

Violet peacefully slipped away today. Old age finally caught up with her. Violet was a great little dog and I'll miss her a lot.

We are so sorry for your loss, Brinda. Thank you for taking care such good care of Miss Violet in her Golden Years.

Diane Jackson

From Deborah Spencer, 9/12/14: Diane Jackson, my step-mom and major lover of all things Dachshund passed away yesterday afternoon. She generously donated her entire Dachsie collection to DREAM for auction. Her first dachshund was "Fearless". She later adopted "Leader". She was the mom of our sweet Mollie and DREAM girl, Dixie Lou. I have included a picture of my Dad's "Honor Guard" which was just a part of her collection. He passed in October of 2012. I just know that they are both at the rainbow bridge hugging their beloved dachshunds. They are responsible for getting Hal and me hooked on dachshunds and we will never stop loving these beautiful dogs! Thank you DREAM for all that you do for these examples of pure love every day.

Hal and Deb, we are so sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Tess Lawless
Rainbow Bridge 9/12/14

Tess, our 10 year old Lab, passed over the rainbow bridge today. She was almost to the point where she could no longer stand, much less walk. Unfortunately, two weeks ago she tore her ACL in her left leg (and 8 years ago she had surgery on her ACL in her right leg), so she could hardly get off her dog bed anymore. She declined so quickly. Angie came over to take her because I couln't bear to do it. Angie sat with her and held her head in her lap. I am so grateful for that. Tess was so patient with all the dachshunds and was a very gentle soul. We called her the "Non-Lab" because she hated the water and never wanted to be outside unless there was a squirrel in the tree. I know she was sad for a while without her companion, Sophie, so I'm glad she had Dillon. She loved to lick the top of his head and ears. Now she is reunited with Sophie.

You will always be remembered by the DREAM Team, Tess. We love you and miss you.

Elvis Tyrone "Ty" Richard

On July 27th, our dear friend Paula lost her husband Ty after his lengthy and courageous battle with cancer. Ty shared Paula's love of Dachshunds and was "Dad" to four of them. He will be remembered for many things (Houston Chronicle Obituary), but we will always remember him as the supportive husband of a dedicated Dachshund rescuer.

Ginger Spencer
Rainbow Bridge 8/15/14

Sweet Ginger went to the rainbow bridge this morning after giving us as much time as she could. She was over 20 years old.

Our snappy, happy, tap dancing, Ginger had a great life. She was loved by us, all our pups, and she had a special place in Stormy's heart. He really loved her and would give her head bumps and then lay down around her and keep her warm. An animal's love is so pure.

She is now running free and is going to save us a spot in the grass by the rainbow bridge.

We extend our deepest sympathy to Hal and Deb Spencer for the loss of their beloved Ginger.

In Loving Memory of Skipper Howe

Born on Valentine's Day, tiny Skipper was our first unofficial " foster failure" more than 14 years ago. This was before we were involved in rescue. Even so, our family was already a "go to" destination for strays and "pup sitting". Six week old Skipper was acquired by well meaning parents as a raffle prize for our sons' school field day fundraiser. I was strongly opposed to this sort of "giveaway" of animals but couldn't resist the call to keep the tiny puppy for a week before the date of the event. Besides, what fun to have a precious puppy for a week knowing there would be NO chance he would be staying longer. We didn't even buy raffle tickets!! Of course, we fell hard for Skipper in that short week. None more so than eleven year old Alexander. Surprisingly it was my husband Milton who intervened to keep the two together. The night before the raffle I was frantically calling the owner of the litter of puppies to see if any were left. Lucky us, they had one more! At 6 am on the morning of field day I was on my way to The Woodlands to purchase a replacement puppy for the raffle and Skipper was home forever. He passed gently away in Alexander's arms last week. Alex now 26 and Skipper 14. Alex is applying to Veterinary School this year. His love and compassion for animals grew right along with that puppy and continues with our many fosters and several successful "failures" to this day.

God Bless You and Keep You, Skipper

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to the Howe family for the loss of their beloved Skipper.

Rainbow Bridge 6/11/14

So sad. After a rebound this afternoon, Coney spiraled this evening and just went to the bridge. Here is his rescue intake photo from 1999. Coney had distemper when he came into the rescue and spent 6 weeks at TLC Animal Hospital. When he came home, he had a lot of behavioral issues. The last 6 or so years he had seizures. He really was relatively healthy up until Sunday. Looking back it is hard to believe that he lived to be almost 16 after all he went through.

God's speed little buddy. We will miss you!

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Shelly for the loss of her Forever Foster, Coney.

Brownie Schmidt
Rainbow Bridge 5/22/14

We extend our deepest sympathy to the Schmidt family who lost their beloved chocolate lab, Brownie, due to advanced cancer.

Mike Brady
Rainbow Bridge 3/25/14

Our hearts go out to Shannon and Crystal for the loss of their sweet Forever Foster, Mike Brady. "Mikey" was already a senior when Shannon and Crystal started fostering him. He was fortunate to get to spend his golden years in such a loving home. We know little Mikey will be greatly missed.

Kenley Briggs
Rainbow Bridge 3/3/14

The volunteers and foster parents of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Connie for the loss of her precious Kenley (pictured here with Molly).

Mathew Nixon
Adopted 7/23/12, Rainbow Bridge 2/23/14

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Matthew died last Sunday, February 23rd. He had been the picture of health up until a few weeks ago. What started out to seem like gastro intestinal problems culminated into a diagnosis of some sort of brain herniation that caused a swelling of the brain that took his life. Our pursuit of medical attention took us all the way to Texas A&M emergency clinic and yet his recovery was not meant to be.

My deep deep sadness will eventually fade as I remember the tremendous joy that the little fellow brought to me in the short time that I had him. In the days and weeks to come I will focus on the silliness, the playfulness, the funny eyebrows and the everything that was Matthew Wiener. I was lucky to have him.

Please keep our family in your thoughts as we grieve for the sweetest little man ever.

All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


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