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All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


Sampson Stinson

Rainbow Bridge October 30, 2021

I lost my Sampson yesterday. It was sudden and very unexpected. The vet thinks he had a stoke and passed away. I am devastated beyond belief. I loved him so much. You know for single people like me my dogs are my world.

Brooklynn Spring

Adopted October 5, 2009 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge October 28, 2021

My sweet little Booky is gone. Marlene took them for a stroller ride this morning. I am totally heartbroken. She loved Bandit very much, and he her. They slept close together all the time and he was the only dog she could tolerate after going blind. Many times he was able to comfort by laying next to her.

Cody Nguyen Pham

Rainbow Bridge August 23, 2021

Our beloved Cody crossed rainbow bridge today.

Tinker Hagendorf Goldstein

Rainbow Bridge July 27, 2021

My constant companion for the last 16 years crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She will truly missed. My mom will be overfeeding her, Charlie will be calling her "rat bait" and daddy will let her up on his bed. Love you Tinker.

Lucky Goyette

Rainbow Bridge July 24, 2021

We decided today was the day to help Lucky cross the bridge. He didn't really want to drink water, occasionally would want to eat table food and there was no sneaking meds in there. He was too smart for that. He has always been great at taking pill pockets until last week.

He came to us on July 6, 2016. I was at the shelter when he was surrendered. The woman said he couldn't walk and he was peeing blood. She said if we could fix him, she would take him back. So I was prepared for another back dog. He had bad skin and he was also heartworm positive. I brought him home and put him in the kitchen so I could grab some other stuff and keep him from the others before a proper introduction. Came back in and he was on the kitchen table. Can't walk?!? He's been a little sweetheart ever since. Well, except for that time he jumped in my office chair and ate all of my freshly made guacamole when I stepped out of the office. I hadn't even gotten a bite yet!

He didn't really like affection but he loved when you talked to him and he would wag his tail endlessly. He made it through heartworm treatment, lots of medicated baths, congestive heart failure but kidney failure wasn't something we could fight. We bought him some bad people food this week and let him eat whatever he wanted. We just didn't want him to suffer because from what we were told, kidney failure is painful and can also make them nauseous.

I will miss his old man ways. He was an easy one to foster fail on because he kept to himself mostly, used the doggy door no problem and loved sleeping in his clamshell dog bed. He would only growl if anyone came near his wet food while he was eating. I am glad we could give him a better happy ending than he was destined in his last home. RIP Luckster!

Nola Seeba

Rainbow Bridge July 19, 2021

Nola peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday in my arms as I told her how much I loved her. She was our first ween together and the only girl. She was our "ring bear" in our wedding, moved with us 5 times and spent 12 years with us. We will miss her so much.

Montague Fisher

Rainbow Bridge July 19, 2021

I let Monty go today. I could see his Cushings was getting worse. I didn't want to wait as long as I did with Jeffy and risk letting him suffer. It's always hard to know what to do.

Monty was found wandering around by a neighbor. I took him in and he was always a handful, screeching to get his way and driving me and the other dogs crazy. But when he was getting his love and attention he was as sweet as could be. I miss him terribly.

Jeffrey Fisher

Adopted June 6, 2007 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge July 3, 2021

Jeffrey, a.k.a. "Jeffy", was my second dog and my second dachshund. He was adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston (DRoH), and helped me recover from losing my first dog Brock. Jeffy and I were together for 14 of his approximately 16 years. A long time for a dog, but far too short for me. There won't be another like him.

Maddy Bird

Rainbow Bridge June 2, 2021

We adopted Maddy almost 12 years ago, and I always knew this day would come, but it was much harder than I imagined. Maddy was the best dog I could have ever asked for, and she will be missed daily. I hope to see you again someday sweet girl!

Daisy Brown

Adopted June 1, 2006 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge April 15, 2021

The end of the road is here for our beloved Daisy. The last 6 weeks have been a roller coaster of medical issues. In early March she was first diagnosed with urinary tract infection that turned into pancreatitis which then turned into a gall bladder problem. She spent two weeks the treatment area at the vet. Bill and I have been shoving pills and liquid medications down her throat for the last month, and her appetite is poor. Yesterday the vet called to tell us that she is now antibiotic resistant and she still has the urinary tract infection. We have an appointment tomorrow for her euthanasia. Needless to say our hearts are broken. We got her from DRoH in 2006 as a young dog so the best I can figure is that she is 17 years old. We will miss her terribly.

Our hearts go out to Kathy and Bill for the loss of their sweet Daisy.

Greta Wood

Adopted November 10, 2009 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge April 1, 2021

Our Greta girl crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday afternoon.

Everyone that knew her loved her. She was either known for her sweet personality or her wheel chair. When I would call any of her vets for her various appointments all I would have to say is "this is Greta's mom" and the replied was always "awww Greta, when is our sweet girl coming back to see us", "we miss our little wheelie girl" or "everyone knows Greta". She was very popular.

In her young years she loved to be outside. She was the master lizard catcher, potted plant helper and sun bather. Her most favorite place to be was the lake house. We would make the turn onto Terminal Loop and she knew exactly where we were, every time. Greta cried until we let her out of the car and she would bolt to the river to see the fish and bark at the boaters. She could never be trusted to "just go potty" because she would sneak around the house and end up by the water.

Greta was very much Kevin's dog. She followed him wherever he went. When Wesleigh was born Greta was always close by, watching and protecting. Greta and Wesleigh were often found playing tea party, digging in dirt, sharing snacks or cuddled together for movie night.

Greta enriched our lives so much and taught us about patience and love. Caring for a diapered wheelchair bound dog is not easy, but we would do it all over again because we loved her so. We know she's happy, her full self again, and with Skooter, Sam and Gwen chasing lizards by the lake.
I want to thank Greta's foster mom, Suzanne, and all the people who foster. You save precious dogs like Greta and give us little partners to go through life with.

DREAM sends our sincerest condolences to Scarlett and Kevin for the loss of their sweet little Greta.

Sadie Goyette

Rainbow Bridge March 20, 2021

Our sweet Sadie just gained her angel wings. We expected it last May but she wasn't ready yet. She was in heart failure for a while and we found out in May she had a tumor on her spleen. Our vet thought in a couple of weeks we would have to make a tough decision. Well she had other plans. I took photos of her just in case but she wasn't missing out on family photos for Christmas.

She started to slow down this week so I had been giving her pain meds all week thinking it was coming. She was still taking her meds and wagging her tail while following me everywhere and never passed up treat time. Came home today after eating crawfish for a couple of hours at the neighbors and she had just passed away sleeping in her dog bed.

We had her just over 9 years. The vet estimated her to be 7 when we rescued her. I am so glad Jody called me when she found her on Jefferson Hwy. She had given birth recently and she was heartworm positive. So she needed us. She was my first not cat friendly dog so that was a new learning experience for me too. She was a great dog and taught me a lot of things. She was just happy to be loved. I will miss her Stage 5 Clinger butt!

Our hearts go out to Rachelle and Tim for the loss of their precious Sadie.

Ginger Holley

Adopted December 6, 2008 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge March 10, 2021

Our sweet Ginger passed away on March 10 after she very recently started dealing with frequent seizures. We did what we could to correct the problem and keep her comfortable but ultimately we had to let her go. While expected, It was still very sudden as I was just making her a special breakfast when she started down the path of no return. She was close to 15 years old, and still relatively healthy so we had many quality days and were still doing short walks in the neighborhood. She especially loved meeting up with a neighbors golden retriever. I think she had a huge crush on Blitz! Our hearts are heavy and We miss her terribly but memories of her and her sweet spirit will live in our hearts forever.

Ginger was a 2 year old rescue puppy entrusted to my care and I'm forever grateful to Suzanne at DREAM for matching her to me. I encourage all my friends and family to support and use rescue organizations when looking to add a fur baby to your family. Ginger was truly the most perfect and best puppy for me!

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Dawn and Chris for the loss of their sweet little Ginger.

Mahoney Arnold Sabuco

Adopted July 27, 2011 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge March 6, 2021

Our sweet Mahoney transitioned to his next journey today. It was unexpected - he had an underlying serious illness that sadly took him.

During his nearly 10 years with us, Mahoney enjoyed his puppy lattes, car rides, basking in the sun, soft pup beds, his fluffy cloud blanket, breakfast, dinner, snacks, treats, walks, wagon rides, kayak rides, kisses, back scratches upon waking, being held like a baby, and sneaking into the pantry and quietly opening the cat food container to pilfer treats.

We adopted Mahoney from Dachshund Rescue of Houston (DROH.org) in 2011, a wonderful organization. It was love at first sight for Tina and Mahoney. And then when Cooper came to live with us in 2012, the two of them became inseparable - he loved Cooper more than anything and Coopie loved him back.

We will always love you, our sweet Ho Ho - Hosie - Hoser - Hosefina. And we will miss you terribly. Thank you being such a sweet son, brother to your fur siblings, grandson, and nephew to your extended family. May you have an endless supply of puppy lattes, kisses, walks and rides. And may the clouds be plentiful and supremely comfortable - you deserve that. We so appreciate all of the friends, neighbors and helpers who loved him, walked him and cared for him through the years.

Our hearts go out to Shellye and Tina. Rest in peace, sweet Mahoney. We love and miss you.

Maya Pochran

Adopted October 29, 2007 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge February 10, 2021

Our hearts go out to Diana and Sergio for the loss of their sweet Maya.

Precious Giron-Soliz

Rainbow Bridge February 10, 2021

I love you with all my heart. I know I will see you again, Precious. My darling MaMas, thank you for letting me be your mom. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Thank you for being the best. Thank you for the kisses. Thank you for the hugs. I love you.

Our hearts go out to Dora for the loss of her little Precious.

Brady Fincham

Rainbow Bridge January 28, 2021

My Brady is gone. RIP my sweet boy. I will love you forever. Thank you Stephanie for being there.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Diane for the loss of her sweet Brady.

Bella Harrell

Rainbow Bridge January 20, 2021

I never thought this day would come. The day when you were no longer by my side. Bella, my rock, my sidekick, you were always there with me for the good times and the bad. I will forever cherish the 16 years spent with you. I am so thankful you put up with all of our rescue pups and for being the best sister to Harper. She will forever love her Lella B. A huge piece of me is missing, but I know you are now running free with Mattie, Buster, Arthur and Puzzle. I miss you terribly. Rest easy Bella Boo, I love you.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Jill and John for the loss of their precious Bella.

All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


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