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All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


Kendall Ippolito

Adopted December 24, 2010
Rainbow Bridge December 31, 2019

No words. I had to put Kendall down this morning. Dr Henderson was so caring. The sweetest dog ever.

Our hearts go our to Crys for the loss of her sweet little Kendall.

Chloe Bingle

Rainbow Bridge December 25, 2019

I had to make the terrible decision to let Chloe go to Rainbow Bridge on Christmas Day. I have not even been able to process it. In typical Chloe style, she ate all the way to the end and barked at me, demanding I help her. We had hoped to try stem therapy in January, so it really caught me off guard how quickly she went down hill. I miss her so much! I know she is bossing around all the other rescue dogs in heaven.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Shelly for the loss of her precious Chloe.

Ringo Caillouet Remore

Adopted June 10, 2014
Rainbow Bridge December 6, 2019

More sad news. We said goodbye to our Ringo last Friday. He had stopped eating the previous Sunday, but we couldn't figure out what was going on with him. His blood work looked good except for a high white blood cell count. We did X-rays to rule out foreign objects or cancer. We tried daily subcu fluids, antibiotics, Cerenia, and hand-feeding him. By Friday, he still wasn't eating and had become so thin. He was obviously suffering. Ringo was our DRoH foster who was adopted twice and returned each time for biting. He was a little butthead, but as long as you knew how to handle him, he was fine. He never tried to bite me. And what's funny is he was always the first dog people would comment on when they came to our house. I'd always warn people not to pet him. He had the most hilarious bark - like Dino the dinosaur from The Flintstones. He'd try to bully the other dogs, but was so tiny, he couldn't do much. He came into rescue weighing a hefty 20 pounds, but we got him down to the mini size he was supposed to be. He was a mean, obnoxious, little dog, but we loved him anyway.

Rest in peace, little guy.

Sophie Caillouet Remore

Adopted January 12, 2003
Rainbow Bridge November 24, 2019

We said goodbye to Sophie this past Sunday. I can't even write about it, much less talk about it, without sobbing, which is why it's taken me so long to post. We adopted Sophie from Dachshund Rescue of Houston in January of 2003. She had been found running the streets after apparently having a litter of puppies (the puppies were never found). She was our first rescue dog and the whole reason we got involved with rescue. One foster turned into two, then three, then - well you know the rest of the story. We called Sophie our "Mama Dog" because she made it known to all new dogs that she was alpha. She was a strong, courageous, energetic pup who loved going on walks and "hunting" in the back yard (even when it was raining), keeping us safe from snakes, squirrels, frogs, and other critters. She never complained, even near the end, which made it that much harder to let her go.

We had her nearly 17 years (the longest I've ever had any dog), so she must have been close to 18. She'd been steadily going downhill for the last year or longer, becoming senile, putting herself into corners she couldn't get out of, and staring into space. We had started giving her a variety of different foods to coax to to eat, as she gradually lost interest in eating. It was almost as if she'd forgotten how to eat. She had lost weight and her muscles had become so weak, it was difficult for her to get up on her own. She spent most of her time sleeping.

On her last day, she barely touched her breakfast. I gave her a nice warm bath, then wrapped her up in blankets on a comfy bed. She slept until her 2:30 appointment. She didn't fuss at all on the way there, and she always hated riding in the car, so I knew she had no idea what was going on. She opened her eyes and looked around at the vet, but never tried to get up. Truly the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

On our way home from the vet, Janice Joplin's "Piece of My Heart" was playing on the radio. A reminder of what a huge piece Sophie took of mine.

Rest in peace, sweet Sophie. We love and miss you.

Mitzy Tait

Adopted December 7, 2009
Rainbow Bridge November 21, 2019

We had to say goodbye to sweet Mitzy today. She was diagnosed with kidney failure about a month ago. Despite the treatment her condition deteriorated this week, she would not eat anything the last 2 days, we had been trying all her favorite foods she but she was just not interested. She was ready to go and took a piece of our hearts with her, like they all do.

Mitzy was our second foster failure and what a character! She was the boss! She would start barking before 5 am to get her breakfast and would pull the blankets off the other dogs to get them to get up too.

She enriched our lives and we miss her terribly.

Our hearts go out to Regina and Bob for the loss of their precious Mitzy.

Marley McKinney

Rainbow Bridge October 15, 2019

My eyes are burning...
My fingers are tingling...
My mouth is dry...

My boy will no longer bark to demand his food, or play with his toys but he will no longer be in pain.

Marley has been with us since 2008, adopted from a Tomball shelter who picked him up as a hairless, starving runt guesstimated at two or three years old.

He is the best boy I've ever had.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to DeQuincy and Cassandra for the loss of their sweet Marley.

Sammy Goyette

Rainbow Bridge October 7, 2019

My sweet Sammy aka Sam Cham Chunk Man! He was our 3rd dachshund and pretty much was the creator of the rule "Ask for forgiveness, instead of permission".

I brought him home on May 27, 2014. He was surrendered because he had a tumor on his neck. He was being so aggressive in the kennel they couldn't get his leash off. I went to see him at the shelter and he ate food out of my hand but still tried to eat me after 10 minutes of patience. So we used a control pole to get him out the kennel. I took him outside, sat on the ground and said if you don't get it together, you're going to get the blue juice buddy. He instantly walked over to me, sat in my lap and turned himself around and rested his head on my knee.

I was doing Tim a favor that day riding all over the place trying to get him headlights for the dumbest car ever. So I brought him home that day. He's been the best dog. The most potty trained dachshund ever which is a blessing if you own a dachshund and know. He is loved by so many because he is truly the greatest dog. He's easy going, picks no fights and never misses a meal.

Rest In Peace buddy. Thank you to his Aunt Dianne and Uncle John for watching him when we went out of town. Thank you to my dog's godmothers for being so supportive the last few days. Thank you to MSAH for such great care and communication the last few days. Tim really loved them. Thanks to my friends for all the love and support the last few days.

Our hearts go out to Rachelle and Tim for the loss of her precious Sammy.

Mikey Pruett

Rainbow Bridge September 12, 2019

How can we say these words. It is so hard. Our brother, furiend and dearest mate, our Mikey, has gone on his final voyage over the Rainbow. Today he was 15-17 years in this life when he slipped away in his sleep this afternoon to sail amoung the stars. He was not ill, or hurt or suffering. We do not know why he flew away except his little body was just tired.

He had a happy day today enjoying his delicious breakkies and some treats before settling in for his daily slumbers. We are all sad tonight and Mikey was a loving, kind soul who helped raise many many foster dogs over his 11 years in our family and was always gentle and good and snuggly and he loved to groom everyone. He was an excellent sport at Halloweenie wearing many costumes through the years and loved slipping into his harnesses to go for walks. He was well traveled and went on many adventures to San Antonio, Oklahoma and Louisiana as well as attending many events to help people learn about rescue. He was very trembly with the thunder storms and could hear it long before it ever arrived but in his final years he could not longer hear the storms so he was no longer ever afraid.

Sweet dreams, Mikey Man. We will all miss you so much. Visit us all in our dreams soon and send Gmama a feather and a song so she knows you are safe with Chloe, Margie, Tag and our dear friend Sarah, who I know scooped you right up. Farewell true furiend and brother. We love you so much. We will see you again someday.

Our hearts go out to the Pruett family for the loss of their precious boy, Mikey.

Dino Lund

Adopted December 15, 2011
Rainbow Bridge September 11, 2019

Dino, was adopted as "Charles" from Dachshund Rescue of Houston in 2011. He had been treated for congestive heart failure, but it recently became obvious that he was suffering. Since she knew it would be his last, he got to take a long kayak ride before his mom said goodbye,

Our hearts go out to Charlotte for the loss of her sweet Dino.

Cream Puff Pearson

Rainbow Bridge August 13, 2019

Sad day today. Our vet euthanized my sweet Puff this afternoon. Labored breathing, diminished appetite. She looked sad and uncomfortable. I worry I waited too long. Spent many nights waking up at 2:00 am worrying about it, feeling like there was a heavy weight suspended above me, but this is part of being owned by a pet. So glad I have all the others to care for and am so grateful to them. They just keep on rescuing me.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy for the loss of their precious little Puff.

Chloe Wootton

Rainbow Bridge July 17, 2019

RIP, Chloe. Last of the original wieners and oldest (15 years).

Our hearts go out to Sonia, Chris, and their daughters for the loss of their sweet Chloe.

Aladdin Odom

Adopted August 12, 2013
Rainbow Bridge July 15, 2019

Today our pack is one less. Aladdin is now at rest with Samson, Delilah and Taylor. He just got progressively worse over the weekend. We are heartbroken, Aladdin had the sweetest disposition. I miss you so much.

Our hearts go out to the Odoms for the loss of their precious Aladdin.

Daffy Owen

Adopted November 20, 2007
Rainbow Bridge July 9, 2019

We had to say goodbye to our biggest best girl, Daffy, this morning. Adopted as "Fiona" when we rescued her 13 years ago (Dachshund Rescue of Houston). We renamed her Daffy to go with our sweet boy, Ducky. I know he was standing at the Rainbow Bridge to welcome her. Our hearts are broken. She would have been 14 in October.

Our hearts go out to Ken and Julie for the loss of their precious Daffy.

He Was A Gentle One

He was a gentle one.
And now he surely knows
The calm that he brings
As the candle glows.

When Leo was a kitten
All bouncy and new
He ran through the house
Knocking all things askew.

He soon settled down
Mid-life for the small
Our Leo grew sweeter
Leg loving for all.

Our fur kid grew older
The cuddles he gave
The bonds of nine lifetimes
So many memories to save.

Light a candle for Leo
Purrs pouring from light
Earthly wonder he delivered
His calming spirit shines bright.

Leoberry (Leo) Caillouet Jilg

June 19, 2006 - July 5, 2019

Please light a candle for Leo, he has left us.

In June 2006, we adopted Leoberry (black tabby) and Chinus (siamese mix) as adorable kittens from a local shelter. Leo was always an active kitteh and liked to play. He was very social, and he enjoyed being with people whenever they were visiting. He was a cuddler, and he shared his rumbling purr with us often. He was an expert at leg lovin' and begging for food.

Leo had multiple issues later in life - diabetes, acromegaly, small cell lymphoma. It's easy to get caught up in all the health issues and forget there is a sweet fur-kid you are trying to keep healthy. But we never forgot, as Leo's charming purrsonality trumped all his issues. <

He was best buds with other fur-kids through the years, and finally with Little Dude in 2016. Like twins, they would exit the back door together, to explore and see their backyard world. Leo would often sleep near Little Dude and groom him. His nickname "Leo the Loverboy" matched his sweet disposition. He was the very best. We will cherish our time with him forever.

Rest in Peace tender Leoberry. Dad and Mom will love you forever. Goodbye to our gentle friend, we can't believe you are gone.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Jeff and Theresa for the loss of their sweet little Leo.

Nickie Janda

Rainbow Bridge July 5, 2019

My sweet boy crossed over today peacefully in my arms. Fly high Nicky Loo Who. I miss you so much and love you forever.

Our hearts go out to the Kelsey for the loss of her precious Nickie.

Cheech Pearson

Rainbow Bridge June 25, 2019

Cheech, his mom and four sisters showed up across the street from our house in December 2008. The five kittens were tiny and still nursing. Of course I had to feed them! The momma, Jezebell, and a sister, Morgan, disappeared after a couple years; we suspected coyotes. Tina, the tortie sister, became very ill earlier this month and had to be euthanized. Thirteen days later Cheech had a complete urinary blockage after previously being diagnosed with Feline Urologic Syndrome. He was in great pain and distress so we felt it best to let him go, leaving his two sisters, Emily and Nikki, of the original six.

Cheech was semi-feral but let me pet him and pick him up. I gave him his annual vaccinations to spare the stress of a visit to our vet. He was a chatty, sassy boy, big and beautiful with those gorgeous baby blues. He'd come to eat and wait patiently till I opened the gate to the back yard or climb over the fence to wait for me on the porch. I shall miss my big beautiful blue eyed baby boy, but life goes on and so must I. Godspeed buddy. Say hi to all the others and be my sweet Chi Chi Man. Miss you and love you - see you at the Bridge.

Our hearts go out to the Ron and Deb for the loss of their precious boy, Cheech.

Munch Maxwell

Adopted February 21, 2011
Rainbow Bridge June 14, 2019

Munch passed away this morning after a brief illness. I haven't been this sad in a very long time. Seven and a half years wasn't enough time to share with this little guy.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Brinda for the loss of little Munch who was taken from her way to soon.

Bugs Cates

Rainbow Bridge June 3, 2019

We lost our Bugs tonight. Please pray for Michael. She was his service dog from Freedom Service Dogs. We can't thank them enough for the wonderful dog they trained for him.

Chester Hebert

Rainbow Bridge May 24, 2019

My heart is broken into pieces. My precious Chester died this morning and I can hardly breathe. It's always hard, but this one is especially painful. I feel so empty without my baby. May you rest in peace with no more suffering. Cross that rainbow bridge, baby boy. I'm sure Sydney will be waiting for you. Mommy loves and misses you so much. Thank you for the wonderful joy you brought to my life each and every day.

Our hearts go out to the Heberts for the loss of their precious little Chester.

Sookie Laxen Brown

Rainbow Bridge April 24, 2019

We received the sad news today that one of our volunteers (and aweseome foster mom) had to say goodbye to her 9-year-old dachshund who was dying from liver cancer. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Our hearts go out to Lori and Richard for the loss of their sweet little Sookie.

Mollie McDoodle Spencer

Rainbow Bridge April 22, 2019

Mollie McDoodle was our queen. She was 18 years young when she left for the Rainbow Bridge to meet her loving human dad, Hal, and Ginger, our chiweenie. Mollie was so beautiful. We miss her so much.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Deborah for the loss of her precious Mollie.

Harley Spring

Adopted June 24, 2006
Rainbow Bridge March 10, 2019

Harley, adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston in 2006 by our good friend and fellow rescuer, Judy Spring, was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. Judy did everything she could for her sweet boy, but finally had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Judy and Raymond for the loss of their precious boy.

Odie Brown Viator

Rainbow Bridge March 6, 2019

Odie was a foster volunteer brother. He was always so good with his little fosters. He never met a stranger. Although very vocal, he never hurt a fly. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer on October 17, 2018. He still didn't let it bring him down. He fought until the very end when he was just too tired to continue on. On March 6, 2019 we had to make the difficult decision to help him cross over the rainbow bridge. Not a day goes by that we don't suffer the loss of his bright light and kind heart. Odie was special and one of a kind. He was such a good daddy to Bella and all his foster siblings that came and went. Rest in total peace little buddy as you certainly deserve it for all the good you've brought to this world. We love you.

Lance, Karen & Bella Blue Viator
Everyone misses you dearly.

Our hearts go out to Lance and Karen for the loss of their sweet, special boy.

Leona "Lee" Louise (Baraga) Nichols

May 8,1924 - March 2, 2019

On March 2nd, our dear friend, Carrie, lost her beautiful mother, Lee Nichols. Treasured by her family and friends for her kind and loving ways, Lee was a caring and devoted mother who encouraged her children to follow their passions. She was (of course) also a loving grandmother to Carrie's pups. We can only imagine how much she is missed.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Carrie and Jeff for the loss of this very special lady.

Gigi Costa

Adopted June 29, 2010
Rainbow Bridge February 28, 2019

Sweet little Gigi, adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston in 2010, was recently diagnosed with cancer. Her mom did everything possible to save her, but when it became obvious she was suffering, she made the difficult decision to help Gigi over Rainbow Bridge. Fly free, little Angel. We love you.

Our hearts go out to Gina for the loss of her precious little girl.

"Shoeless" Rea McCloskey

Rainbow Bridge February 21, 2019

We lost Shoeless Joe today. He was so elderly, his little eyes were milky and his hip bones protruded, he had no hair, but we thought he was lovely. Last night, his breathing got heavier and labored, and he would "yowp" and cry whenever we put him down, so Tim spent the first half of the night holding him while I slept, and then from 3:00 am on, I held him while Tim slept. Tim took him to the vet this morning and by then, little Shoe was drooping and not even holding up his head. Nothing was wrong with him, he just died of old age. Tim is inconsolable. I keep reminding myself that the last two and half years of his life were good for him bcause he was so loved. But it isn't doing much to ease the grief.

Our hearts go out to Tim and Pam for the loss of their sweet foster, Shoeless. Rest in Peace, little guy.

Loki Hinnant

Rainbow Bridge February 16, 2019

The things you do by routine everyday and don't even think about it. I got up to feed Loki and remembered he's gone. I did this yesterday a few times when I was in the back yard. I would go to his spot on the fence and then I would see his grave and it reminded me. Habits are just natural, and even though I know he's gone, I catch myself looking for him in his hiding spots as I walk the back yard. I found the perfect angel cat for Loki's favorite spot on the fence. RIP my beloved Loki. I don't know what happened and didn't see any signs of you being sick. Too young to die my boy.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Rebecca and Steven for the loss of their precious Loki.

Rhonda and Richey Perry

Adopted September 15, 2006
Rainbow Bridge January 25, 2019

We began fostering for DRoH in 2006 and that's when we got Rhonda and Richey as a bonded pair. They had been used for breeding and breeding only. They were full of heart worms and almost didn't survive. Thus, my first foster failures. We called her Ronnie most of time but Rhonda Rose was her name. We called Richey, King Richard most of the time. Bless their hearts they were my testers. I learned about the stubbornness especially when it came to house breaking. I learned about losing fingers when passing out treats too. Most everything I needed to learn about Dachshunds came from them. All the attention seeking, mouth kisses, squatting in front of you in house to potty all the while looking at you like "What?". I certainly learned how much they likes to eat. I can tell you this, every puddle of pee, every pile of poo, every dollar spent was worth being Rhonda and Richeys family. Even if Richey never liked Caleb?? we never knew why either. Thank you God for picking me. Time marches on too fast and they just don't live as long as people but every tear and my aching heart was worth their unconditional love. Rhonda, Richey go find Chip, Chili and Bitsy and tell them what's going on at home and who all the newbies are. Y'all are forever in my heart. Love you from your head to your tails.


Our hearts go out to Robin and Marty for the loss of their sweet Rhonda and Richey.

All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


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