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Finally Home

Our Adopted Dogs

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DREAM Dog Finally Home Story

Neva Nottingham

Adopted 12/27/13

Here is a picture of Neva who we adopted Dec. 27, 2013. We lost our 11 year old Pebbles about a month before our grand daughter sent us your web page to look at. We saw Neva and the wheels started turning. Her loving face and life story touched our heart and we just had to go see her. We drove to meet Neva's lovely foster family and knew she had received love and kindness for the duration of her stay there. When we saw Neva it was love at first sight.

We brought her home 2 days after Christmas and in less than 24 hours she had claimed this home as hers. We are an older couple and Neva has added a spark ...not an explosion, to our life. She is so sweet and a real "love bug." She sleeps with me at night and lays in Lyle's lap all day. We put in a doggie door and the back yard is her heaven. Squirrels, birds, neighbor's dog and occasional visit from a neighborhood cat makes good entertainment for Neva.

The three of us are the perfect match. Neva is our 6th. pet and by far the sweetest. We are all in love - Neva, my husband and me. Thank you for all the effort everyone contributed to Neva's survival, especially her lovely foster family. I know they miss her.

Dorothy Gale

Adopted 12/23/13

Janie Spofford

Adopted 12/23/13

Oct 31, 2014

Penny in her Halloween costumes.

Oct 2, 2014

Here are some new photos of Penny. We moved to Connecticut a month ago and Penny is loving the view in our new house. Lots of squirrels for her to observe in our yard :)

Aug 15, 2014

Penny flying to NYC for vacation.


Apr 14, 2014

Penny is very happy. We made her little stairs so she doesn't hurt herself trying to jump on the chair to get up on the desk. When we went on vacation for 5 days, we left her at my friend's house where she was with another little Dachshund. She is doing awesome so I just thought y'all might like an update.

Jan 14, 2014

Penny smelling the breeze and tucked into bed. She has adjusted well to her new home and I take her on lots of walks around the neighborhood everyday. Also, we got small pebbles to replace the rocks in our yard. The small pebbles are better for Penny's little feet.

Jan 7, 2014

Penny in her new home.

Dec 23, 2013.

Adoption Day.

Gale Hawthorne

Adopted 12/22/13

Johnny Jingle
"Johnny Knoxville"

Adopted 12/22/13

Message fro Johnny and Justin's mom...

Johnny and Justin are absolutely wonderful. We love them so much! They are thriving and have so much love to give. We feel so very Blessed that they are a part of our family.

Justin and Johnny are settling in nicely. A true Christmas blessing for our family. Their foster sister Stevie Nicks is here too and having a blast. They will keep their first names, but we added Timberlake and Knoxville...had to. Blessed to have found the Dream family. Thanks for all you do!

Josephine Jolly

Adopted 12/22/13

Justin Jingle
"Justin Timberlake"

Adopted 12/22/13

Justin and Johnny are settling in nicely. A true Christmas blessing for our family. Their foster sister Stevie Nicks is here too and having a blast. They will keep their first names, but we added Timberlake and Knoxville...had to. Blessed to have found the Dream family. Thanks for all you do!

Shelley Schroeder
"Holley Jean Patten"

Adopted 12/21/13

Yes, we are the proud owners of Holley Jean Patten (formerly known as Shelley Schroeder). Holley is a sweet playful, loving dog. She LOVES to run and play. We are moving in March to a farm in Iowa, where the house will have a doggy door installed and she will have lots of room to play. Her nose is always to the ground when we take walks here. I can only imagine how much she will enjoy exploring the cornfields of Iowa, hunting, fishing and playing with her soon to meet dachshund cousins up there. It wouldn’t surprise me if she is seen on youtube or America's Funniest Home Videos, as she has a charming and bubbly personality and enjoys an audience. THANK YOU, for all this organization does to help dogs get a second chance. I hope all of Holley's dreams come true. Blessings!

Candie Corn

Adopted 12/20/13

We are IN LOVE with our sweet girl, Miss Allie! Although we've fostered many other dogs, we knew after only a few minutes that Allie was going to be staying with us forever! She's the perfect addition to our family and has become fast BFFS with Ellie and Pollux! <3

Harry Styles

Adopted 12/20/13

Niall Horan

Adopted 12/20/13

Update from Nemo's Mom

Nemo is doing great... We love him so much and he is totally spoiled. He is best friends with our golden retriever Tibal and they cuddle and play all day long.

Thank you to your organization and especially to Marcie for the incredible work you do. We love our little Nemo. He is the perfect addition to our family.

Zayn Mallik
"Wooly Bear"

Adopted 12/20/13

Chloe Kardoxian

Adopted 12/17/13

Miss Chloe ..... You would never guess her age!!! I love her spritely run through the yard! She starts bouncing around in the house when she needs to go outside. She is also my barker :) she loves to bark at Zero! She is also my shadow and the one that must sleep with me in the bed at night. If any dog is in the bed you can guarantee it is Chloe. Or if I put them in the couch she will crawl in my lap or nose any one out of her way to get there! She is my best one to sit and be groomed or bathed. All the girls know to come in the bathroom when it's time to be brushed. She would lay there for hours if you would brush her that long! She is still doing ok with her medicine for her trachea and her biopsy on her foot came back as nothing.

DREAM Note: Chloe's family also adopted Fiona and Courtney!

Courtney Kardoxian

Adopted 12/17/13
Deceased 03/26/21

This evening I had to say goodbye to my sweet Confetti girl. My heart is broken but I know she is happy across the rainbow bridge. A big thank you to our staff at LeadER Animal Specialty Hospital. They were truly a comfort to me at such a difficult time. I was a mess, but they held my hand the entire way. 💕

Lillie Ann

Adopted 12/14/13


Adopted 12/14/13

Rudolph, who is now known as Oliver, is doing great! He is such a lover and gets along great with the other dogs and cats.

Estella Evergreen

Adopted 12/12/13

Hal Oween

Adopted 12/08/13

Thank you for everything! As you can see, Owen is dearly loved. :) My daughter says,"Mom, he's part of our family now".

Happy Holidays!

Sugar Boots
"Sock Puppy"

Adopted 12/05/13

Sukie Ridgemont

Adopted 12/05/13

Koop Kingsley

Adopted 12/04/13

Clyde Grimm

Adopted 12/02/13

Clyde was originally fostered by our family (that includes Ross and Ziggy Stardust, also adopted from Dream earlier in the year). However, I knew I was in trouble when I stopped by Natural Pawz on the way home from picking up Clyde and the young lady behind the counter commented on how Clyde already loved me so much and how I should adopt him! We made another stop at Petsmart, and random people in the store kept commenting on how much he loved me, too. So the stars were aligned on this adoption!

The icing on the cake came, however, when the rest of my children came home from college. We were playing with all three of our dachshunds, but I could see how attracted the kids were to Clyde. He literally shakes all over, his tail wagging incessantly, due to his excitement over loving us and being a part of our family! His velvety ears go back, he puts up his nose for a doggy kiss, and his eyes shine with love!

We love our Clyde and couldn't be more happy.

Gracie Gobble

Adopted 11/27/13

We'll continue to send updates! She's a happy girl!! She's a beauty and a sweetheart for sure!! 😃

Count Choco Latte

Adopted 11/24/13

Count Chocolatte or “Choco” for short is our newest addition. We went to DREAM in search of a dachshund with some extra energy and playfulness. Our other dog, Lily, was quiet, reserved, and somewhat timid of other dogs and we wanted to acclimate her to being around other animals. During our initial visit, we were sold on him after he brought us a sock with a Kong ball and proceeded to play tug of war with us the entire time we were there. In the words of Marcie after fostering him at Lil’ Ruffhouse, “He was a bit of a handful.” That’s an understatement but he has been a joy to us ever since bringing him home the very first time.

We have since renamed him Marshall and he has done wonders to get Lily out her shell. They play tug of war together, chase each other around the house, and protect Emily and me from the other one which is quite comical. Despite his being smaller than the majority of other animals around us, Marshall has become our resident guard dog. No sound or disturbance happens without him bolting for the door curiously wondering what is going on and loudly making his presence known. At the dog park, he proudly storms into the “large dog” section as if he belongs and goes right up to the largest animal there. He’s a master at fetch and will outrun labs, retrievers, and other larger dogs to grab his favorite Kong ball.

We cannot thank everyone who helps out with DREAM to make it possible for these dogs to find a new forever home. We also would like to especially thank Marcie who was patient with us while we met and interacted with several potential adoption candidates before ultimately deciding on adding Marshall to our family. We hope our donation helps put more dachshunds in their forever homes.

Maggie Mae Zweite
"Maggie Goldapp"

Adopted 11/23/13
Deceased 09/27/22

Maggie was crazy smart, learning to open gates hunting down her prey. Things didn't live long in our yard. The girl was a Houdini at open doors - one minute there, the next POOF! Look up and she's sitting across the street waiting for us to bring her home. No chasing required. No trash or food was safe from her.

We're sure she thought her name was "No No Bad Dog" LOL! Maggie had great hearing for meal calls but not so much otherwise. She loved hunting for hidden treats in the house, zooming through every room looking under, over, in and between, never using her nose (probably because it took too long). Poor Steffi never had a chance! Being food driven made it easy to teach Maggie tricks and give her medical care. Camping was a big treat and one of the few times she really used her nose. Buffalo, deer, prairie dog, yum! Karl says Maggie was the boss, and he was her pack. She was always beside him on the couch and in bed.

She loved to bully Steffi, running past her with mouth wide open to nip at her, but always wanting her sister near and allowing her to sleep on top of her. Maggie wanted to be involved with everything and complained loudly when left out. She could be bossy, exhausting, entertaining, funny, loud and was so very loved!

Her body started shutting down last week and she spent her last night sleeping on Karl's chest. Dr. McCann at South 40 Veterinary Hospital helped us through the process as we let her go. She was one month shy of her 17th birthday. We're grieving but also remembering the great life we all had together for 8 years. She made our lives lively and loved us as much as we loved her. Thank you, DREAM Dachshund Rescue and her foster, Suzanne, for this precious girl!

Christine McVie

Adopted 11/10/13

Mick Fleetwood

Adopted 11/10/13

Evan Eastwick

Adopted 11/08/13

Pierce Prescott

Adopted 11/06/13

All is going great with Pierce. He and my oldest are inseparable. They sleep together and he follows her everywhere. I love seeing them bond. He is spoiled for sure and we love it! ;-)

Lily Lou

Adopted 11/03/13

It's been almost three months since Lily has joined our family. We've renamed her "Fergie". Fergie loves going outside for walks and exploring. She also enjoys beating up on her toys and makes it her mission to yank out the squeaker. Thank you so much to DREAM for bringing us our precious little lady.


Adopted 11/02/13
Courtesy Post

Maize Duke

Adopted 11/02/13

Savannah Starburst

Adopted 10/30/13

We were looking to add an older dog to add to our family. Our family includes Jake a 100 pound lab rescue and Darby, our mini longhaired dachshund. After choosing a 13 yr old to adopt we received a call about "Molly" a puppy found on the side of a road in Conroe. We met her and instantly knew she was ours. She had lost most of her hair to mange and had a broken tail, but to us, she was perfect. We were right. She is our perfect Molly girl. We have had her now for 3 weeks, she is so beautiful with her hair coming in nicely. Her temperament is amazing. She is so well behaved. A tiny little thing when we got her at 5 pounds she is now 7 pounds and really throwing her weight around. Ha. I can not thank you enough for our girl. We love her so much. I'll bet we say several times a day, "Who would have put this puppy on the side of the road?" I am glad that they did because otherwise we wouldn't have her. Thank you again.

Bonnie Boo

Adopted 10/28/13

I wanted to give you an update on Bonnie Boo and send you a few pictures. We are so happy to give this precious girl a forever home. She has been with us for over a month and it feels like she's been a a part of our family forever. Bonnie gets along with our male dachshund, Weenie; they are great play mates. She is such a snuggle bug and loves her new daddy. She's quite spoiled and loves to sleep with us. I'm so happy I found DREAM and am thankful for all of Marcie's help with our adoption.

Reggie Rainbow
"Ziggy Stardust"

Adopted 10/19/13

Just wanted to share that all is going great between Ziggy and Ross.

Ziggy encourages Ross to dash out of the house to the backyard (and Ross rushes out before he realizes "Yey, where's mom?" LOL). They constantly are interacting ... either "mock fighting", playing together (sometimes side-by-side each with their own toy), or sleeping next to one another on their own furry blankets (Ziggy loves to burrow into his, and at first I thought he had disappeared before Clay pointed out to me that there was a pair of eyes peeking out from the folds of the blanket). To fully understand how great they get along ... they even eat side-by-side and will wait patiently while the other gets a treat (knowing that he will get his treat next).

Ziggy loves getting up on the window ledge to look out. He has 2 flower boxes right outside, and a new bed in addition to his pillow. When Ross gets too possessive of toys, he also will sneak one up there all to himself! We should all be so relaxed

This could not have worked out any better.

Finnick Odair

Adopted 10/17/13

Peeta Mellark

Adopted 10/17/13

Danny Doolittle

Adopted 10/06/13

Russell Robertson

Adopted 10/06/13

Eloise Everheart

Adopted 10/05/13

Lilith Crane
"Lilly Mae"

Adopted 10/04/13

July 8th, 2014

Just an update on Lilly Mae. She continues to thrive, has had no health issues except she lost a tooth during a cleaning session at our vet's. She still hides socks all over the place. We visited a condo we have on South Padre Island this spring and she took to the surf very well and is a good traveler. Recently her two rescue Doxie cousins stayed with us for a week ... good times but three doxies can really hog the bed at night.

There isn't much else I can say except she has brightened our lives and we are very grateful to DREAM and Gina for her.

Thanks again,

Gene, Donna and Lilly Mae


Adopted 10/04/13

Nutmeg Nottingham
"Lucy Van Pelt"

Adopted 10/03/13


Adopted 10/01/13

Cato is just the best. His personality has blossomed; he is bold, inquisitive, and happy. He and the Corgi spend a lot of time chasing each other around the den with Cato leading the play. It's great exercise for both of them, better than we expected. The cats are distant, but, hey, they are cats.

Darlie Daffodil

Adopted 09/30/13


Adopted 09/29/13


Adopted 09/28/13


Adopted 09/28/13

Heather Hollingsworth

Adopted 09/22/13

Jack Juniper

Adopted 09/22/13
Deceased 01/01/19

Rudy, as we've renamed him, is snuggled next to us as I write this... We are smitten (and we think he is too).

Bean Bogart

Adopted 09/21/13

Bean (Oliver) is now safe and sound in his new home getting along great with his two older sisters! We love him and are happy we found him!

I just wanted to thank DREAM for helping us find our Ollie (formerly known as Bean Bogart)! He has settled in to our home beautifully, and even our resident Queen Diva (Roxy) has started warming up to him! My husband and I are really happy we found y'all, and can't wait for Dachtoberfest! Oliver, Roxy, Hannah, and their humans will be there.


Adopted 09/07/13

Katniss Everdeen

Adopted 09/07/13

Banjo Beckett

Adopted 09/02/13

Ben has just fit right in to the family. It's like we have always had him. He thinks he's as big as Buddy, and Buddy thinks he's the size of Ben. It's quite comical to watch. Everyone falls in love with Ben and he's such a good boy.


Adopted 08/31/13

Zoey has finally found her forever home and her forever servants. She is the most demanding, bossy, prissy, unapologetic, ungrateful creature on the planet. If we turn our heads, she eats off our plates. If we return to the kitchen for a napkin, she drinks our coffee. You cannot spank a mini-miniature dachshund, but if you shake your finger in her face, she tosses her head and looks the other way, with her nose in the air. If you recline on the sofa exhausted to watch TV, she walks on your head. She rules the roost and she is spoiled. We all live to serve her. It is demeaning.

Then she stays with Marcie or my mother, and acts like the sweet princess (or so I am told) when she's with them. The problem is, she's ADDICTIVE. There is something about her that you can't help but want to hold and cuddle and dress up like a JonBenet Ramsey, even when she's naughty, you want to hold her and pamper her. It's ridiculous. Maybe, they're all just addictively cuddly, but the others are demonstrably appreciative for the attention and care. Zoey just expects it.


Adopted 08/24/13

Casey Clover

Adopted 08/24/13

Dustin Doyle

Adopted 08/24/13


Adopted 08/24/13


Adopted 08/18/13
Courtesy Post

Farrah Foxglove
"Clara Bow"

Adopted 08/13/13


Adopted 08/04/13
Courtesy Post

From Red Collar Rescue: Adorable Maddox was finally adopted! He goes to his new home in Cypress on Sunday and they love him to pieces! Thank you so much for the beautiful posting that you did you for him.


Adopted 07/31/13

We visited your booth at the dog show and I was telling the ladies how happy we are to have this little character in our family. In this picture he is sitting in Daddy's chair waiting for him to come play fetch. This is about the 8th version of the same toy he's gone through, even tries to bring it in our bed at night. I forgot how much energy a 2-3 yr old has since our other 2 are 9 and 11. Web will celebrate Henry's "birthday" on July 31, the day we got him.

Marty Graw

Adopted 07/28/13

Little buddy is doing great and has made quite an impression in our home. I definitely feel that he will make a great addition to our family. Thank you so much for everything you have done with him so far. It is clear that he was given a wonderful home for the first 6 months of his life. We will certainly recommend your organization to future potential dog owners. Talk to you soon.


Adopted 07/27/13

Jackson Browne

Adopted 07/27/13

Jackson did fantastic! We could not have hoped for a better fit for us all and Jackson! After he and Doc got to know each other, they had a chase fest for about 15-20 min., running a wide track all around the house. First Jackson was chasing Doc, then Doc would reverse and chase Jackson. They were having a ball and so much fun to watch. I could tell that Doc has missed having someone to run with. They have become true friends and partners. When they got tired, they both crashed in their separate cozy beds for a nap before dinner. Doc is realizing that he is a little out of shape and Jackson will be his work out partner:-) Our Wiem, Booh, has also perked up also with the new addition. He sniffs and nuzzles Jackson but is content to lay around and watch Action Jackson and Doc play.

When my husband came home this morning, Jackson jumped up on his lap for cuddles and a nap. He has also claimed a comfy chair that looks into the kitchen because he seems to love to watch me while I cook. I started calling him Chef Jackson.So cute!!! You have done such a great job with him!


Adopted 07/14/13

Shadow Sunkissed

Adopted 07/14/13

Ginger Gladiola

Adopted 07/03/13

Riley Radigan

Adopted 06/25/13

I wanted to share with you some photos of Riley and Bridget. He is doing very well. Such a sweetheart.

Freddy MacFarland

Adopted 06/23/13

Harper Ann Honeysuckle

Adopted 06/23/13

Rowdy Raindrop

Adopted 06/19/13

Rowdy's a good boy. He nibbles my toes, likes me to hold him when I'm in the pool, plays very well with Honey and Princess and is just totally loved. Thank goodness he pooped in the house at his first meet and greet or we'd never have met him. LOL

6/29/14 Update: We adopted Rowdy Raindrop last June. He truly lights up our life. When we took Rowdy, he was heartworm positive. After one year on heartworm meds, he tested clear at his annual two weeks ago. I almost burst into tears in the office. Such good news.

Alannah Donnelly

Adopted 06/15/13

My husband first spotted Ali on your website and he said "That looks like a good dog." I have to say, he was right! She is so loving, kind, so good with the kids, full of energy and ready to play, and super smart and trainable. After losing my doggie after 11 wonderful years, DREAM really took the time to find us the perfect pup. Thank you so much! She fits right into our happy family.

We have re-christened "Ali" as "Lettie". Lettie is a dream. So sweet, completely house-trained and crate-trained. No barking at all. She cried when I first left her with my husband and the kids to run an errand, but that was it. She loves her crate and her dog bed. She also loves her training walks and runs. She has been so good with the parade of kids we have in and out of the house. Everyone loves her, but she is MY special girl. Thanks for everything.

Auntie Em

Adopted 06/15/13

Lucy Lovebug

Adopted 06/14/13

Mabel Marigold

Reunited 06/14/13

Donovan Darby

Adopted 05/25/13


Donovan just got back from testing for Canine Good Citizen. He passed!


We wanted to let you know the exciting news! Donovan Darby (Donnie) is now a therapy dog. He passed his temperament test today. What is so cool is that Donnie is paying it forward. He will be visiting hospitals and bringing joy and love to others like you all did for him and do everyday for the other DREAM dogs. Read more about Donovan becoming a Certified Therapy Dog. Donovan also received recognition in the November 2016 edition of the Caring Critters Critter Chronical.

Hi. My name is Donovan Darby and I was adopted in late May.

It has been a real adjustment moving into my new home. I have a brother but he doesn't look like me. He has all these black spots on his white short haired coat and he is much taller than me. I have been going on so many walks since I came to my forever home. I love going on walks. In my previous life, I didn't get around much so I have been learning how to approach people and other dogs. It's hard, but I am making some progress. I was out in the country recently in Bellville visiting with my trainer. I barked at her at first but now we are friends. I even like her two Dachshund children.

I have traveled some with my new mom and dad. I got to go on vacation this summer. I went to the Blueberry Festival in Nacogdoches and walked in a pet parade with my brother. Unfortunately, neither of us won the pet costume contest. I liked the slower pace of life and sitting outside and having lunch with my mom and dad. I also got to go to Galveston and see the Strand. It was fun walking around and seeing all the tourists.

Well, I've got to get back to my homework now. I have been going to Petsmart's dog obedience school. I have my final tests next week so I have to practice my "sits" and "downs" so that I can graduate.

Thanks to Kayla, Cong, and Marcie for taking care of me while I was waiting for my forever home.

Love and puppy kisses,

Donovan (the long haired Dachshund--not the singer)


Adopted 05/25/13


Adopted 05/25/13
Deceased 11/28/20

Today I said goodbye to my snuggle buddy. I knew this day was coming although I thought I would lose him to dementia, not a stroke. With the loss of his back legs and the inability to sit upright without support, he was miserable. I had hoped with a few days, he would improve but unfortunately his little body further declined. My heart is shattered and aches beyond words. I am comforted to know that he will be met at the Rainbow Bridge by Lilah, Clarence, Malcolm, Shorty, Knox and a few others. Comet will stop by to snap at him one more time. Winkie easily made human and furry friends and I am sure he is up there making some new ones. He is probably going to be starting a few bromances and put his moves into action. He will chase geckos and bunnies, take long walks and be the center of attention. Until we meet again, know that I love you and miss you Wink! You were special.


Adopted 05/23/13

Betsy Bobbin

Adopted 05/06/13

Fiona Mahoney

Adopted 05/01/13

Bella is fitting in perfectly. Even better than expected. :) She only had accidents on the first day she was here and is already heading to the door when she needs to go. She acts like she has been here for months. Bella and Zero curl up on the couch or the big dog bed. They all run and play in the yard and she is already doing well with coming back when called. She has a beauty appointment tomorrow morning. I will send pictures of her new haircut as soon as she is done :). Thanks again for saving her and giving me the opportunity to love such a treasure!

DREAM Note: Bella's family also adopted Chloe and Courtney!

Flynn Flannigan

Adopted 04/19/13


Adopted 04/03/13

Dandy Lion

Adopted 03/31/13

We adore our new addition. He is now named Rudy. He is very attached to me and follows me every where I go. Thanks again for all you have done to make our house a home again.

Gloria Dianne

Adopted 03/17/13
Deceased 11/19/21

Just wanted you to know Ruby is doing good. Her first day after adoption, we went to Pets Mart and bought some toys. Also visited her three cousins in Weston Lakes and they did good together. She is adjusting well and I believe she is a happy girl. We will give her a good home. Thanks!

Glinda Goodwitch

Adopted 03/09/13

We started looking for adoptable dachshunds after deciding that our 4 year old, black and tan dapple doxie, Pickle, really needed a playmate to keep her company and keep her active. We fell in love with Pepper's sweet face from her pictures and decided that we would apply to adopt her. Luckily for all of us, it could not have been a better fit! Pickle and Pepper got along right away and have since become inseparable. They spend the majority of their days either playing or snuggling together. Pepper is just the sweetest, most affectionate little girl ever and our family would not be the same without her now. Thank you so much to DREAM Rescue and everyone involved in our adoption process! We couldn't be happier :)


Adopted 03/09/13

I wished to take a moment and express my sincerest gratitude not only for our new family member but as well for the organization and its attention to the process. Rusty has adjusted quite well and brought a renewed energy to our home. His initial separation anxiety only underscored the love and affection that the foster family promoted during their care. Rusty is well socialized, balanced, energetic and was obviously well cared for mentally and physically. His integration into our home has been without incident and he is bonding extremely well with my elder dog Lennon.

You are to be congratulated on your organizational structure and purpose. The thoroughness and care in which you conduct the adoption process is to be commended. There is always a level of uncertainty when adopting but any hesitation I may have had quickly dissolved during the first home visit and the balance of the process was no less satisfying. Moreover, the well being of our canine friends was foremost in the hearts and minds of all concerned and at the end of the day that what it’s all about.

I wish you continued success in this worthwhile endeavor and should the need arise I am more than happy to share my experience with anyone seeking to adopt one of your canine bundles of joy.

With sincerest appreciation,

Craig J.


Adopted 03/03/13

Ruby Slippers

Adopted 03/03/13

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