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PJ Pilot  Apply to Adopt

Rescued: 11/11/16
Status: Available
Adoption Fee: $250
Gender: Male
Age: Young (1-5 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Piebald
Coat: Smooth
Heartworm Positive
Foster mom update:

PJ - sweet little dog, lovely soft coat! Happy, tail-wagging, always on the go. Beginning to settle in and NOT follow me around everywhere, but still likes to know where you're at. Not as good around Glen, weird thing is if Glen is sitting down, not a problem, will go and sniff him/be around him but as soon as Glen stands up and walks into the house/or out the back door he starts barking at him, running around at his feet (last week he was nibbling at his feet when he didn't have shoes on). I am working with him to try to calm him down but there is something happened with this dog in the past! It's very difficult to pinpoint, I wouldn't like to say he'd be bad with ALL men as he doesn't have a problem with my older son, who is taller than Glen! We've tried to rule out things, like his voice (but no its not that). He's fine if Glen is walking around the kitchen making dinner, he's there (and about 4 others) but doesn't bark at him, its only when he goes towards the back door or comes down the stair/comes in from work etc.

Working on house training, but we are almost there, minimal accidents in the house at this point. Plus a bonus is he loves being outside in the sunshine and has been playing with Ghillie/Moose. No problem with other dogs, I'd be wary of young children though

This adorable little fellow is four year old PJ Pilot. It’s hard to imagine that PJ was surrendered to a shelter, but his owners must have had their reason(s). The shelter staff said that he was so frightened, they just couldn't put him out on their adoption floor. He was noticeably trembling in fear at the back of his kennel run. They believed this precious fellow would do much better in the hands of caregivers who had experience with abandoned Dachshunds, so they immediately contacted DREAM, and we’re glad they did. PJ has been vetted and is now settling in with his foster family.

PJ's foster mom tells us that he is a happy little chap! With his tail wagging, he's always on the go. He loves being outside in the garden, gets along with all his foster siblings and has become quite playful. He's fine with "mom" and the boys but is wary of his foster dad right now. He seems a bit skittish when "dad" is walking about (he runs away from him) but if he is sitting down, PJ will come close for a sniff. It's possible there may have been someone in his past (maybe a male) who has made him uneasy and may just take a little time until he feels completely comfortable. PJ is a good eater and sleeps in his crate all night long. He is hoping to find a loving, caring forever family who will bring him home, just in time for the holidays.

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