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Copper Cadbury 

Status: Receiving Care
Adoption Fee: $250
Gender: Male
Age: Young (2-5 Years)
Size: Standard (> 16 lbs)
Color: Black & Tan Dapple
Coat: Smooth
Heartworm Positive

Copper is a gorgeous 3-year-old old black and dapple who would do best in a home with patient, experienced adopters. He's not fond of meeting new people. He's also leery of people wearing ball caps. If you give him a treat, he's your best friend and, once he gets to know you, he's a sweet lovable dog. He loves sitting in your lap. He's great with other pets and does fine with children that he knows.

More from Copper's foster:

Copper is a wonderful little man. I love fostering him! He is loving, soulful, and charming. He loves snuggling up close, as well as sitting on his favorite blanket and just being in the same space with family. He's not a licker, but does like to "snuffle" ears, hands, and feet.


He enjoys being outdoors and laying in his elevated bed. He uses the dog door to do his all his business outside. No accidents in the house after about the 3rd day.

He knows many commands now, including "sit", "stay", "drop", "NO!", and "come". Being a dachshund, it's still 50/50 whether he does what he's asked. We're working on "shake".

He loves other dogs and cats, especially if they are patient, and if they will play/roughhouse with him. He can get a little aggressive, so sometimes a time-out is needed.

He loves kids and enjoys doing "zoomies" with them at full speed.

He loves his food but can walk away when he's full and save it for later.

He doesn't mind his kennel and will go in when asked without any hesitation.


He is aggressive towards new people out of apprehension. New people need to be still and quiet (and maybe with a treat in their hand) and let Copper approach them on his terms. After that, he is happy to see them, even if it has been a period of up to a couple of days.

Men's deep voices cause a fear response, but it is overcome with continued exposure.

He alerts/barks at *any* new sound. We're working on phrases and sounds to interrupt barking spells. His bark is very loud, and he enjoys the sound of own voice!

As a true dachshund, he will rummage, forage, and destroy anything he can get his teeth on. We're working on that, but it's best to dog-proof the areas where he's kept, and keep pens, remotes, cables, books, magazines, mail, etc. out of his reach.

He does not like his rear haunches cupped or pet for more than a second or two.


Copper needs a home with a secure fenced yard, as he will roam if given the opportunity. Again, he does know "COME!" but doesn't always respond right away.

If there is an adult male in the home, they will need to be calm and patient as Copper adjusts to them.

A home with another dog/cat would be great, to help Copper burn energy and have a friend to play with.

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