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Annie Arabesque

Rescued: 12/26/16
Status: *** ADOPTION PENDING ***
Adoption Fee: $250
Gender: Female
Age: Young (1-5 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth



Jan 2016 / Update from Annie’s Foster Mom:

Annie is a real cutie! She's a young, high energy dog who loves to play with toys. She’s very active and puppy-like. Annie is doing much better with her house-training, although she may occasionally still have an accident if she gets overly excited. She uses the doggy door on her own now and doesn't require my husband or me to be outside with her in order to do her business, even though she prefers the company. She absolutely loves to play and chew, so we make sure she has plenty of toys/rawhides always within reach, so she avoids non-chewables like shoes, etc.

We recently took her out on leash to a dog-friendly event. She is still somewhat skittish around crowds and other unknown dogs, but she's gotten significantly more comfortable with our four dogs, recognizing them as her foster siblings and in particular, she now plays, tussles and chases with our dominant, 4 year old tweenie male. She still tends to want to “be the boss” with the more shy, timid and submissive dogs in the house, so while she would be fine in a forever home with another dog, it should be a dog that can hold their own and not show any weakness toward her. It's taken several weeks to get to this point, so she really needs an experienced Dachshund owner with plenty of patience because she has very bold Dachshund qualities. Annie would also do best in a home with an energetic, older child who would enjoy spending rambunctious playtime with her.


This little bitty, red mini is Annie Arabesque. Annie is approximately two years old and was quite malnourished when she was rescued. She had not been spayed, but the vet believes she has not had a litter. She had no microchip nor was she wearing any tags. Her finders exhausted all search efforts, coming up empty on their attempts to find an owner. Sadly, Annie was in pretty rough shape, so it’s unlikely she had recently been missing from a caring home. She has had her initial veterinary exam and fortunately, she is heart-worm negative. She is however, being treated for minor skin condition.

Her finders had considered keeping Annie as she is a sweet girl, but she just wasn't loving their other dogs. They had been crating her, which could have been why she was upset, but they had also been working to help her become more socialized around their dogs. Because they have a houseful of dogs, including two seniors, they felt that if Annie could become a DREAM Dachsie, she might have a better shot at finding a forever family with the exposure she could receive. It's just going to take a little time and patience to help her overcome her anxiety, or possibly we'll find that Annie just needs to be a one and only. That is the benefit of placing our DREAM Dachsies with a foster family. We can learn more about her personality and her needs to help prepare her for a forever family to call her own.

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