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Alfred Arepa 

Status: Available
Adoption Fee: $300
Gender: Male
Age: Puppy (1-2 Years)
Size: Standard (> 16 lbs)
Color: Black & White
Coat: Smooth
Heartworm Positive
Designer Dachsie
Introducing Alfred Arepa, a remarkable young pup on a quest to find his forever home! Alfred's journey began when he was discovered by a group of dedicated pet lovers who spent a month searching for his family. Eventually, they reached out to DREAM, hoping to find Alfred the perfect new family that he so rightfully deserves.

Alfred's temporary caretakers quickly recognized his exceptional qualities. Despite their fondness for him and the seamless integration into their family, which included three other dogs, they sadly couldn't accommodate a fourth dog at the moment. Nevertheless, their time with Alfred revealed his true nature.

Described by his foster parents as "the easiest dog we've ever fostered for DREAM," Alfred has proven to be a delightful companion. He effortlessly gets along with both small and large dogs in the household, showcasing his exceptional social skills. From the moment he arrived, Alfred has been fully housebroken, displaying an impressive level of cleanliness and responsibility.

When it comes to playtime, Alfred's excitement knows no bounds. He finds sheer joy in squeaky toys, captivating everyone with his zestful spirit. Alfred is also a great walking companion, happily strolling alongside his humans while wearing a harness and leash. But what truly sets him apart is his love for cuddling. Alfred seeks solace in the arms of his human companions, cherishing every moment of affection and warmth.

Alfred's eagerness to please is undeniable, and his foster parents have full confidence in his ability to learn numerous commands and signals. Being a young fellow, he thrives on activity and would flourish in an active family environment. Providing him with engaging and fun-filled activities will undoubtedly bring out the best in Alfred, allowing his vibrant personality to shine through.

If you're seeking a loyal and energetic furry friend, Alfred is the perfect match. With his endearing nature, adaptability, and a whole lot of love to offer, he is ready to embark on a new chapter in his life. Join Alfred on his quest for a forever home, and together, create a world filled with joyful adventures and unforgettable memories.

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