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Paisley Petalite

Status: *** ADOPTION PENDING ***
Adoption Fee: $200
Gender: Female
Age: Adult (8-12 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Isabella Dapple
Coat: Smooth
Greetings from DREAM Dachshund Rescue! I am Paisley, a charming Isabella Dapple mini Dachshund. Being "mini" means I weigh less than 12 pounds. The Isabella coloration gives me a distinctive gray appearance, which some might associate with wisdom and maturity. After all, gray hair is considered quite trendy these days!

My dear friends Bella and Lilly also hail from the same breeder as me. Currently, I find myself in the care of a wonderful foster in a beautiful home where other dogs reside. Together, we are learning the ways of domestic life. While Bella and Lilly bravely venture outdoors to attend to their business in the yard, I am still overcoming my fears and prefer to use the safety of pee pads indoors. They are more at ease with strangers, but I observe from a distance, steadily making progress towards embracing my own adventures.

During our slumber, we find comfort in sharing a room, each snuggled in our own cozy beds, accompanied by a soft blanket. Should the doorbell ring or any unfamiliar noise disturb our peace, we readily assume the role of diligent watchdogs, barking to alert our surroundings. Personally, I have grown tired of outdoor living and cherish the tranquility of indoor spaces. Aside from those necessary protective duties, I am typically quiet and content, wholeheartedly ready to become a cherished member of your forever family.

While I may initially appear reserved, please understand that I am gradually overcoming my fears and adapting to new experiences. With patience, love, and understanding, I believe I will blossom into a more adventurous and confident companion. If you are seeking a gentle and affectionate addition to your family, I eagerly await the opportunity to find my forever home and share a lifetime of love and companionship with you.

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