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Rescued: 02/01/13
Status: Available
Adoption Fee: $225
Gender: Female
Age: Young (1-5 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
No Cats
Designer Dachsie (mix)
Ciara and Sasha (right)
Sasha was born on February 1st 2013, her mama is Emmie (Auntie Em) a beautiful red mini dachshund who came into DREAM very expectant!! Sasha is such a happy go lucky girl, she loves to romp around the back yard and is queen of chasing bugs, birds and butterflies! Sasha is completely housetrained and will even whine by the back door when she needs to go outside. She is also doggie door trained and doesn't mind being crated for short periods of time. At night she is happy to sleep in her own bed because before bedtime she drags a couple toys, a sock, maybe a flip flop into her bed, then she is ready to tuck herself in! She loves to tote around socks and flip flops, she never chews them up, for some reason she likes to sleep with them, it is so cute. She is very well behaved in the house and has a calm demeanor, but will also wrestle and play with her buddies. She has a good balance between snuggly and playful! Sasha takes time to warm up to new people, she is not aggressive, she is just not really interested, and can come across as aloof. If you can see past her not so warm and fuzzy first impression, she will make such a great family dog. She is really adorable, and is an independent dog, no separation anxiety or other behavior issues, she's easy.

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Dachshund Sleeping on a Dog Bed
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