"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt
"When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true."
Jiminy Cricket

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Dorothy Gale
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Henry David Thoreau

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."
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Walt Disney
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125 Dachshunds Rescued this Year!

14 Adopted this Month! 90 Adopted this Year!
227 Rescued Last Year! 202 Adopted Last Year!
151 Rescued in 2013! 89 Adopted in 2013!

2015 "DREAM BIG" $15K Challenge

May 17th UPDATE! Nelson and Rosie Modrall have offered another $5000 match to the challenge! This means DREAM will get a total of $20,000 in matching donations if we raise $20,000 by the end of June!

Cindy and David Barnard of Austin, Texas have challenged DREAM with a generous $15,000 matching donation! The Barnards will match up to $15,000 in donations received now though June 30th. Reaching our donation goal will result in a total of $30,000, which will go a long way toward rescuing Dachshunds in need of new homes.
Please help us reach our goal by donating today!


"Rock Around the Dachs" Photos!

Please Foster Me!
Dogs in Need of Foster Homes

Eugene Felsnick (Available)    Vince Fontaine (Available)    Prissy Pinklady (Available)    Mattie Maltshop (Available)    Val Dictorian (Receiving Care)   

If you can't foster one of us, please consider
a donation toward our care.

WE are DREAM Dogs!

Adopt Me!
Emily Emerald (Available)
Mayzie McGraw (Available)
Charlotte Elizabeth Harris (Receiving Care)
Blanca Tippytoes (Available)
Eugene Felsnick (Available)
Paxton Pompadour (Available)
Pippa Picnic (Receiving Care)
Belle Bellini (Receiving Care)
Sam Salutatorian (Receiving Care)
Trixie Tumbleweed (Available)
Maia Maypole (Available)
Bonzo Bearhug (Available)
Morris McGurk (Available)
Lilah L'Sat (Available)
Odie o'Donald o'Dell (Available)
Coach Calhoun (Available)
Britney Brighton (Available)
Val Dictorian (Receiving Care)
Liz Hooper (Available)
Mattie Maltshop (Available)
Sophia Sleighbell (Available)
Gary Graduate (Available)
Sasha Sriracha (Available)
Henry Hoagie (Available)
Rowan Robicheaux (Available)
Elaine Elf (Available)
Priscilla Piper (Available)
Richie Cunningham (Available)
Marion Cunningham (Available)
Lucas Loveboat (Receiving Care)
Peanut Partridge (Available)
Hudson Harvest (Available)
Shadow Smitten (Available)
Camo (Available)
Oscar (Available)
Ericka Esperanza (Available)
Shelby Shepherd (Available)
Hans Hamburg (Available)
Donnie Cheadle (Available)
Ace Amore (Available)
Paige Poinsettia (Receiving Care)
Aidan Amore (Available)
Lilly Lollipop (Available)
Horton Hearzahoo (Available)
Sophie Snowfall (Available)
Stella Strudel (Available)
Sandy Olsson (Available)
Prissy Pinklady (Available)
Wally Wassail (Available)
Wilhelm Weisse (Available)
Steffi Graf (Available)
Zoey Zartblau (Available)
Jade Jitterbug (Available)
Kenickie Murdock (Receiving Care)
Rosie Raindrop (Available)
Greta Gernsheim (Available)
Heidi Hoolahoop (Available)
Fancy Far-Out (Available)
Kendall Keystone (Available)
Friday Flutterbum (Available)
Dawson Doo-Wop (Available)
Herbie Hibiscus (Available)
Denver Duncan (Available)
Troy Toboggan (Available)
Clara Belle (Available)
Coco Clementine (Available)
Ashle’ Beauchene (Available)
Bruce Bouquet (Available)
Reba Rosebud (Available)
Caramel Rydell (Receiving Care)
Vince Fontaine (Available)
Rayne Rainmaker (Available)
Beau Berlin (Receiving Care)
Maverick Magnolia (Available)
Howard Cunningham (Available)
Danny Zuko (Receiving Care)
Ray Roseart (Available)
Austin Flowers (Available)
Amanda Bell (Available)
Daniella Darling (Available)
Schnitzel Sneetches (Available)
Jäger Yottle (Available)
Harvey Hugs (Available)
Elijah Elf (Available)
Roxy Knox (Available)
Darla (Available)
Robby Romance (Available)
Sweet Girl Sweeney (Receiving Care)
Marlowe Merry (Available)
Boe Boe Blizzard (Available)
Kenny Chrysanthemum (Available)
Sparky Speedo (Available)
Lorna Lilac (Available)
Vinnie (Available)

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